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    Ok - I have just recently became an IRL fan and this is my first post on this forum but I have to ask:

    Why doesn't the IRL produce a review/highlight video every year like major league baseball and the NBA and NFL? It seems to me that the IRL should make a year-in-review tape with interviews and highlights. That would be sweet! There are tons of races and there has tp be plenty of footage. I would buy all the years I missed before I realized that the IRL is the most exciting series to watch.

    Seriously - can you imagine documeting the last few years with all of the close finishes and tight races? The most exciting racing series requires an exciting video (on DVD of course).

    Just my thought - how do I get this idea to Tony George?

    Mat Cain

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    If there was a direct line to Tony, that thing would be so jammed you would never get through. Anyway, try e-mailing the IRL and IMS; I've never tried it myself, but some people have had some luck.

    IndyCar racing is the most exciting racing in the world. I'm glad to see someone new interested.

    Go Team Menard. Go get 'em Vitor.
    The transformation is complete. The Indy 500 is the only IndyCar race that matters.


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      It's also nice to see new IRL fans in Texas.

      The best thing you can do to promote the IRL is to get your friends to go to a race with you. You have one of the IRL's hottest tracks in your backyard and it's the only venue to offer two races each year.

      As the demand for IndyCar racing increases, the more likely we are to see hi-lite videos, etc.

      Welcome aboard!


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        Media Boy -

        You are right... I went to my first race at TMS this year and I loved it. I had a garage pass and I was able to camp with friends in the in-field. I had a friend who encouraged me got to the race and after seeing it up close - I am sold. I went to a NASCAR race a couple years ago but there is no comparison - the IRL is where it is at.

        I really feel like highlight videos would help promote the IRL. There are a lot of folks out there who don't realize what has been going on in the IRL the last few years - If the IRL can capture that excitment on video then it could act as a promo for fans of other series. It seems like this series falls a bit sort in promoting itself - I don't see why it can't be as big as NASCAR.

        Mat Cain


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          Hi-lite videos are ok, but the fact that most of the races are VERY AFFORDABLE makes it easy to produce instant fans by simply taking them to a race. I've been there to witness the phenomenon. In fact, I think that the TFers need to come up with a name for that phenomenon---the process where an undecided person is transposed into an IRL fan by witnessing a live race.

          Here are some suggestions:



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            you might want to check with the IRL Crew They will be at Kentucky and the rest of the races. We do the Most the popular driver award. They had disk from last year. Some of its video some of its Pix


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              Good idea about the hightlight CD's, Dan. Mass mail 'em like those AOL things. - er, maybe not. Maybe better yet, offer them free on the IRL website, and pass 'em out at races so dedicated fans can get them to friends and neighbors

              Lots of the nifty old Indianapolis 500 "annual documentaries" were sponsored by Firestone, Mobil, etc. Good opportunity here. Maybe something the Crew could latch onto or participate in.
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