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KY Frequency HELP!!

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  • KY Frequency HELP!!

    Does anyone have an updated IRL frequency list? I have what 'the paddock' had for the 2003 Indy 500.

    Any help would be appreciated. I've bringing a NASCAR guy to KY and he just bought a scanner.



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    See if you can hear the Penske people during the race Shoe..........we've been having trouble hearing them after, oh say, 5 laps

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      I've been hearing the Penske guys just fine all year. It's the AGR team that scrambles half their stuff.

      Roger talks EVERY lap, so I don't think it's a 5 lap issue. The driver's don't talk very much though.
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        Speaking of scanners...

        I bought a Uniden Sportcat 200 with the optional "extended" battery pack that takes up to 36 hrs to charge. I have used it once so far, on Fast Friday at Indy. I have charged it once or twice since then, but probably not for a couple of months.

        Do these things hold their charge when not in use, or do I need to start charging this bad-boy up for the KY race ASAP?
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          Overcharging and fast charging generate heat, a battery pack's worst enemy. At a 36 hour rate, you're charging at a very slow rate, but your duty cycle suggests a memory/overcharging risk.

          The best thing to do at this point is to leave the scanner on overnight so the battery is almost (but not quite) discharged, then charge it up fully. That will prevent any "memory" or profiling.

          The best and most accurate freqs, IMHO, are at Frequency Fan Club at www.racescanners.com There are other free online sources, but my experience is they are worth what you pay for them. FFC's last IRL freqs were updated 8/13/03, and had 5 changes since the previous race.
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            Thanks! Needed that!
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