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    TSO - Bless them!
    Reporting that Sarah, Robbie, and Scott G will be throwing out the first pitch at the Reds game.

    I sure like this - how's about in every city we race. Make the Professor sing again and again while Helio assumes "ceremonial umpire" status. (He's use to calling close ones)

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    Get them in the broadcast booth with Marty and Joe for a quick interview. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more Reds fans showing up on Sunday, even if they may have their Walkman tuned to the Reds game while they are at the track.

    Better yet get Pete Rose to the track Sunday. I think Pete helped boost attendence a few years ago. Pete helped Jerry Carroll become the wealthy man he is today.


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      The way this year is going, the Reds should take a good hard look at those drivers for their pitching staff...
      No weather forecasts are ever guaranteed, even if confidence level is high. Even a 99% probability will miss 1% of the time. That's the best anybody can do when predicting highly complex events.


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        This talk of baseball and racing reminds me of a experience I had a couple years ago back in college when I was a PR intern with Newman/Haas. (Now, now, be nice, don't hold it against me, I was just a huge race fan trying to get into the racing market...now I do fundraising for a private university...go figure.)

        Anyway, since I was an unpaid intern my boss, the PR director of NHR, would alway hook me up w/ free race tickets, pit passes, the whole nine yards to whatever races I could get to. Well when we went to Mid-Ohio she let me in on an exclusive little game of stick and ball that would be going down that weekend in rural Ohio.

        She knew what a big Penske fan I was so she told me how every year the Penske crew teamed up to play the t.v. crew (usually guys from ESPN) in a friendly game of Softball in one of the nearby towns. I can't remember now if it was Lexington or what podunk town it was, but I do remember the game and it was awesome.

        Basically all those in attendance were family of Penske employees, a couple locals, and us...some diehard Penske fans. Anyway, we just sat down and watched the game and cheered everyone on. It was a great rivalry and a great game. In fact, we saw a triple play, and inside-the-park homerun, probably two dozen runs scored, and whole bunch of other stuff you only see in person once in your life.

        Cindric was by far the best player out there, although ESPN had this little guy that mainly played catcher and he was all over the place. I want to say it was Cindric that had the in-the-park homer.

        Sure enough 2/3 of the way into it Gil and Helio showed up. This is when it started to get interesting. Gil pretty much hung back and kept it cool, but Helio was a nut. He mainly played first base coach and gave everyone a hard time. He's a true jokster. Plus, I think his rental car got hit by a foul ball...that was funny too.

        In the end, Team Penske won and the team climbed the fence which was very funny. The Captain never showed up, but we got it all on film and Gil and Helio were kind enough to sign my pit pass.

        Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I digress. Thanks for reminding me of it. Makes me want to go dig out my video of it and watch it again.



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          Great story!!


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