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Diversity in the IRL

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  • Diversity in the IRL

    I know it has been discussed around here before but here goes.
    As a child I remember the Hoosier Hundred just about as much as the 500.
    AJ,AL and Mario all doing battle on dirt ,well I started searching because I had remembered Al winning about 4 of them in a row .
    The next thing I know I’m reading from Dick Ralston’s (Thank You Dick) about Al’s 1970 season

    Big Al Writes the Final Chapter

    “Al won on the ovals, he won on road courses, he won on the "yard of bricks" and he won on the dirt marching to his 10 wins. But this story is not concerned with the ovals, or the road courses, or even his first victory at Indianapolis.
    This story is about Al's clean sweep of all five dirt races. Dirt races at places with names like Springfield, DuQuoin, the Hoosier Hundred, Sedalia and Sacramento. Names almost as rich in tradition as the Speedway itself. “

    “On the Monday after the Hoosier Hundred, Sept. 14, 1970, USAC dropped a bomb. After the 1970 season the dirt races would no longer count toward the USAC National Driving Championship.”

    Supporters YOU ARE RIGHT add a couple road races but add , Springfield, DuQuoin, and the Hoosier Hundred and open wheel racing will have a true National championship that has the potential to attract many more fans and make Indy Car the place where you can attract and keep guys like Stewart ,Newman ,Gordon etc.
    I am blessed to have witnessed "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" 50 times!

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    AMEN !!!!
    "It's not the split, it's not the lack of marketing, it's not the days the races run on, it's the product." Tommy Kendall

    "....and the DRIVERS are the product !" SJFast


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      Quote from SJFast's sig line:

      "I've been busted by the attitude police !"

      I've only been on board TF for a little over a year now. I try to limit my posts to non-controversial items for just that same reason. It's not worth the hassle.

      I was a strong supporter of TG and the IRL from the day it was announced. I lived for the Indy 500 every May, and embraced the chances for "Joe Littleguy" to finally have an opportunity to compete against the mega-buck teams on an equal footing.

      Today, that opportunity is gone, and so has my attitude.

      Sorry IRL, but you've sold your soul to the Devil.



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        Same for me...AND IT SUCKS!!!:mad:


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          Thank you for posting that! 1970 was a year when the sponsor's slogan in my sig seemed to be 100% true.
          Johnny Lightning beats them all!


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