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I'll do it,,, ABC

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  • I'll do it,,, ABC

    What a crappy picture. Could they have used any wider angle camera?? I couldnt tell if they were Indycars or a combine harvesting wheat.
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    On the farm when I was growing up it took more than two inches of clearance to get through the fields. I'm pretty sure they were race cars.


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      The combines were in the other race today. I kept seeing them plowing through the fields of Watkins Glen.
      "IRL" ... what IS that anyway?

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        Are my eyes dimming with old age?
        Or is the racing image on the past few races "not very bright"?
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          ABC is substantially improved this year.


          Today's broadcast sucked.
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            It was even worse where I was because I was watching it on "rabbit-ears." Can't comment on the cable broadcast because I was not able to see it. I do have a couple of quarters of Bungles pre-season football, if anyone is interested.
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              The coverage today was the best I have seen. What race were y'all watching?
              May is now in session...

              Can I get 500 posts by raceday?


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                I understand that we are fortunate to have races televised live, and that things could be worse. At least it's not the NASCAR Kiss A** Fest that Fox/NBC usually throws out there. But my goodness, ABC inhales vigorously. The picture was dark and fuzzy - SPEED does it right, their shots from M-O were spectacular. Page is a known knucklehead, as is Jack. Do we really need to hear Goodyear ask inane questions of the drivers? At least Jenks & Gerould are there for some credibility.


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