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Schecter quits Cheever

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  • Schecter quits Cheever

    Just got to St Louis this evening and the big talk is that Tomas has quit team cheever. This is backed up by the fact that Tomas's bus is not there and the transporter is also mia. According to members of the crew thinks got really bad after Tomas ran the Firestone test at the speedway last week. Althought what happened is still a not clear. Tomorrow should be very interesting.

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    Very interesting if true, but waiting for a link or more proof first.


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      who needs a link, when you go in the garage you see the 51 and the 53 but no 52.


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        Eddie check your long list of deserving drivers that are knocking your door down...OH, and while your at it...is there a Hamilton, Jones, or Hines...

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          Can I be the first one to predict that Tomas is in Canada Saturday morning (with his helmet)...Just to really twist that knife...

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          Greatest Spectacle in Racing :nod:


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            Aw man, I hope that's not true. I know, I know, Tomas has had his problems but he sure is exciting to watch.


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              Star link on Scheckter's departure

              :mad: Here I sit 5:30 in the morning hoping the post wasn't true, but the star reports it also. Only thing conflicting is it says the car is there ready for action?

              It's going to be hard to break the news to my girlfriend, he helped make her into an IRL fan, and he is also one of my favorites, indeed fun to watch. Hope he lands another ride in the league, but I had a feeling it wasn't going to last.

              I like Cheever, always been one of my favorites, but Tomas was putting Red Bull on the map. This weekend and today's forum shall be interesting.
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                Owen's got this brother in-law....
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                  Wierd. I know Tom and Eddie have had their problems, but to just flake out on a team is not cool. This is very bad form. Unprofessional too. You don't just quit a job without telling your boss. If TS doesn't have another deal inked, this could hurt his chances to land another ride. If I'm an owner, I think twice about signing Scheckter if the stories of him just abandoning his team are true.


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                    Gotta wonder what's been brewing under the surface since Michigan. Eddie's comments seem subdued by his standards.


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                      The Star report alludes to alleged safety concerns from Scheckter with no elaboration.

                      Any ideas what that is about?
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                        After witnessing his win in Michigan, I thought he had turned the corner. Then he jumps the start in Kentucky and ends up trashing yet another car. He's young, quick, exciting, and potentially very talented; I wanted to see him develop. In reality however, I honestly don't think Tomas is a top oval racer. For his sake, he needs to find a new series that better matches his talents(perhaps a spec series someplace!). Bettr now than later, though I'll personally miss his aggressive style.

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                          Wonder what kind of contract he has that he can just mid-season walk away from? Whoever said that was bad form is right, it is. In some ways I hate to see him go but in another it's OK. He's an F-1 wantabee and would be going sooner or later anyway. Surely Eddie and Red Bull can find someone to take his place.

                          btw, When we went to the Kentucky Speedway for the race, watching him, we knew it was just a matter of time before he wrecked someway and sure enough he found a way.....I think tires were to blame but if it hadn't have been tires it would have been something else. He is an accident waiting to happen most of the time and has to have cost Cheever/Red Bull a fortune. So I doubt, if he can keep Red Bull without Scheckter, if Eddie really cares. Probably a relief really.


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                            Originally posted by CARTer:
                            <STRONG>The Star report alludes to alleged safety concerns from Scheckter with no elaboration.

                            Any ideas what that is about?</STRONG>
                            He had to say something to try to find a legal reason for doing this, IMO.

                            Sounds extremely immature, if he wanted to quit he needed to work something out with Eddie.

                            He is about to become very familiar with the inside of Indiana courtrooms if he really follows thru on this.

                            Between sponsor and team commitments, this was the wrong way to make a split. I am amazed that someone did not make him realize this.

                            He is young so I would question his "handlers". Someone had to be able to show him you cannot just not show up when you have sponsor and team commitments.


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                              Easy come... easy go...

                              Oh, well.
                              If you do what you've always done...

                              you'll get what you've always gotten.


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