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IRL Advertising for Nazareth

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  • IRL Advertising for Nazareth

    Two IRL promos for the Nazareth race back here in Pennsylvania in the last 2 days. First a radio advertisement featuring Helio and kanaan on a Harrisburg radio station. While glad to here the commercial I thought it was a bit hard to follow if you didn't know the joking history of these guys. But then last night at the 2 week Muskfest in downtown BethlehemI caught the IRL logo out of the corner of my eye on a trailer. Low and behold they have and Indycar and Silver Crown car there promoting the Nazareth race, also a drawing for free tickets. They were right on the main isle to the food area and getting a lot of looks, way to go IRL.

    Is it May yet ?

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    Allentown will have the first ever race-related street festival on Thursday the 24th and a special $1000/plate gala to honor MA. Seems that the area has finally come alive with race fever.

    Also, if you're in the area next week, there will be five teams testing at the track, including Penske and Andretti/Green. The track will be open for fans and the admission is free.

    Glad to see the community embrace this event.

    edited to change $1000/plate to $1000/ per table of eight.
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      hey, atleast they won't have to put an arse warmer on the grandstands THIS year!!! Last year I had to prize my girlfriend's arse off the seat it was soooo cold! She hung tough, but I vowed never to return to that! It's great they switched dates.

      it's nice to see the series out mktg in naz, maybe they can crack the NYC mkt?


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        A Firestone distibutor in Delaware County PA had an Indy showcar a couple weeks back and some IRL promtional stuff as well. Like to see more of that. Here in NJ IRL still has less fans than 1/4 midget racing or American Legion baseball
        Live like Dave


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          Well, I really wonder how ticket sales are going. We live in Central Ohio and have gotten not just one, but TWO telephone calls from Nazareth Speedway, asking us if we are wanting to purchase race tickets this year (yes, we went last year).

          Since my "other hobby" is taking up my weekends this year, I had to say no


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