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  • What do yall think?

    Can't wait!!!!!!!


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    The IRL will do well at new venues such as this, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas, etc; while continuing to suck at ex-CART venues such as Phoenix, Miami, MILWAUKEE, St Louis, etc.
    "Now, for some of you it doesn't matter. You were born rich and your going to stay rich. But here's my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down." -- Edward Blume


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      FWIW, the layout of the actual track appears to *somewhat* similar to Gateway (I'm sure the facilities will be better.)

      FWIW, I think the IRL is going to have a rough job selling this to Eddie Gossage. I know he claims a significant % of fans at TMS come from Houston.


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        Originally posted by AdamM
        FWIW, the layout of the actual track appears to *somewhat* similar to Gateway (I'm sure the facilities will be better.)

        Really ?

        Total Length = 7,218.22' (or 1.367 miles)
        Front Stretch = 2,463.00'
        Turns 1 & 2 = 976.41'
        Backstretch = 2,103.61'
        Turns 3 & 4 = 1,675.20'

        Front Stretch = 68'
        Turns 1 & 2 = 75'
        Backstretch = 75'
        Turns 3 & 4 = 75'

        Front Stretch = 6 degrees
        Turns 1 & 2 = 17 degrees
        Backstretch = 4.5 degrees
        Turns 3 & 4 = 14.7 degrees
        Get on the binders going into a tight turn 1 then step on the gas coming out of turn 2 onto an elevated backstretch (approximately 14' above the front stretch) and then side by side through a sweeping turn 3 & 4 and pedal to the metal downhill onto the front stretch and then back on the binders for turn 1.

        The Houston SuperSpeedway will be the ultimate test of driver skill, car setup and most importantly...race fan experience!!!
        I am blessed to have witnessed "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" 50 times!


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          Really ?
          Yep, *somewhat* similar. Of course Houston has more banking, but the tight 1 & 2 with more banking, that requires hard braking, matched with a sweeper that allows the cars to run side by side in 3 & 4 is essentially the layout at Gateway. You'd need to flip flop the back & front striaghts at Gateway and add length, but of all the tracks currently on the IRL schedule Gateway would be the most similar.


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            So, did you all notice what type of open wheel formula car the used in in the header section?

            They do not have air-boxes, and are in road course trim.

            It appears that to the unknowing, "Indy cars" do not have air boxes. This is a problem that the marketing muscle and business acumen of IMS needs to address.


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