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All emotions aside, Where will Hornish go in '04?

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  • All emotions aside, Where will Hornish go in '04?

    We all have our hopes/feelings/beliefs about this, but let's put all those aside and put it to a poll. (that I hope works - hasn't in the past)

    I'm putting my money on the status quo. GM wants him, Panther wants him, and they're working hard to keep him.

    But that's just me.
    IRL - Stay with Panther
    IRL - Some other team (AGR/Penske/Ganassi)
    NASCAR - Ganassi? (according to latest rumor)
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    I think he'll stay at Panther and I think Kentucky would be a great day to announce it.
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      Even with everything that has been tossed around on TF I still see no reason for him to leave where he is. I don't think he wants the NASCAR schedule and he is on one of the top 4 teams maybe even the #1 team why go?


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        Legends cars
        I've got sources. I used to know a T-Shirt vendor at the Phoenix track.


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          I think he'll stay with Panther.
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            Penzoil Panther next year with Boat as his teamate...

            OH!!! you said NO emotion...

            Penzoil Panther next year.

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              I honestly believe that Sam will stay where he is at, but beliefs are made to be broken...
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                As much as it pains me, I'm afraid Panther will lose Hornish and will wallow midpack for a year before folding. I hope like heck I'm wrong.

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                  Even without Kevin Blanch(sp?) I think Hornish will stay with Panther.


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                    Originally posted by grogg
                    Even without Kevin Blanch(sp?) I think Hornish will stay with Panther.
                    Obviously the loss of Blanch hasn't hurt them much if at all. That team's LOADED with talent. Sure losing Kevin was a blow but they've got like 3 "Lead Mechanics" that could step into that position in a heartbeat and not miss a step. There's only ONE other team in the league that I know of that has that luxury and that's Penske. Panther's been "grooming" people to move up in that organization for quite awhile and they're STRONG! That's why you don't see much attrition at Panther. They get a job with Panther, they STAY! Several of those guys have been with them for years now.
                    But that's just my opinion!


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                      Word on the street months ago was that Penske wanted him. If Penske wants him, he should go to Penske. It is the best run team in the history of the sport.

                      Panther has been great for Sam, but Penske is on a different level. Indy three years in a row should say something.


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                        Originally posted by Bryan_Weber
                        Word on the street months ago was that Penske wanted him. If Penske wants him, he should go to Penske. It is the best run team in the history of the sport.

                        For that exact reason I hope he stays with Panther and fights Penske tooth and nail.

                        I don't dislike Penske, in fact I have a lot of respect for his team and their accomplishments.

                        It's just no fun having the Yankees win the World Series all the time without someone making them work really, really hard for it and at times taking it from them.

                        And you need that type of rivalry to promote the league.

                        Where would the NFL be if you didn't have Dallas vs SF, Dallas vs Washington, Denver vs Oakland, GB vs anybody ?
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                          ...I'm guessing he'll stay with Panther.

                          But looking at the 'big-picture', more importantly he'll remain in INDYCARS, for now and the foreseeable future.
                          ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                            Penske said his team will be a 2-car team with Helio Castroneves & Gil de Ferran in 04 . Pennzoil is not sponsoring the DEI NASCAR # 1 car after this season. AND...with its debut two weeks ago (the Cosworth Chevy G4) at Michigan, I think Sam would be nuts to leave his current situation at Panther.

                            IF something opens at Penske in the near future, then by all means go for it, but right now Panther is the best option!...
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                              I don't know about Sam, but I know that I would not want to go to Penske and be the third team. Even though that would be at Penske. I really believe that right now Panther is just as good as Penske.
                              I would think by now that this administration would have a clue as to what it takes to get the job done. So, Get-er-done!!!!!


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