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Indy Car racing rules

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  • Indy Car racing rules

    Like a lot of other fans, I watched most of the Brickyard 400 yesterday, just seeing the old speedway with fans and a race gets my interest up.

    About half way thru the race, my son turns and says, "the Indy 500 is much more exciting to watch".

    He is only 10 but he knows the truth. While I enjoyed the show, nothing beats seeing open wheel indy cars on the grand old lady.

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    From the mouths of babes always comes the truth. Ya got a good kid there keep him


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      My 7-year-old son went to the race with our neighbor. The b6y's an IndyCar fan, but I thought this would be a good experience for him.

      He came home last night and said, "Gee, dad, those cars are soooooo slow!"

      I asked him if he would go again next year.

      "If someone gave me a ticket, probably. But NASCAR's not may favorite sport. In fact, it's my least favorite. Except for tennis."

      Makes a daddy proud...
      Griz In Indy


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        Watched the 400 off and on, and came back for the finish. Pretty much an endurance race, little passing etc.
        But it still burns my A** to see those turtles on THAT race track.
        Wonder if ICS and the Frances ever start playing games with the IRL, if Tony wouldn't tell nascar to take a hike?
        One can only hope.
        "Moralism is often the first strength of a weak mind"
        -Norman Mailer-


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          If horse racing was like NASCAR, a jocky would be riding a donkey instead of horse.

          With due respect to the cup drivers, they put their lives on the line too. I'm sure if I was riding in a cup car at Indy going 168 during the race, I'd be a little nervous. But those that go 50 miles an hour faster, you can't compare it. Add in that the wheels can touch and.....what can I say?
          Get your head out of your past!!!


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            One thing for which you must give the NASCAR folks credit: they respect the tradition, at least publically. There wasn't a soul I saw interviewed who didn't mention what an honor and a thrill it was for them to be racing at Indy. In other words, they might drive different machinery, but they understand. Apparently open wheels aren't required to "get it".
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