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    "It's odd, when it comes to NASCAR, Ford and Chevy and Dodge and all these makes have absolutely no qualms about signing up a kid WAAAAAAY down the ladder, giving him the proper support, and grooming them for a career in NASCAR.

    However, when it comes to open wheel in America and grooming a kid for a future, nothing like that happens.

    So when's Chevy going to step up in the IRL and do the same?

    They want the next Jeff Gordon in NASCAR. That's fine. How about some effort to ensure they have the next Sam Hornish in the IRL"

    Check the TV ratings and attendance...


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      Jetdoc, you are right about ABC/ESPN but Tony is the one who got the contract for TV so he is the one that should make sure the marketing of the drivers get done. I dont care how it is done just so long as it is. Thanks for talking about the point of this instead of blather that always follows something we enjoy talking about.


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        Originally posted by jetdoc
        Shadow....according to my sources that was his biggest problem during his IRL stint. He not only had trouble relating with the engineers, he didn't listen very well and that didn't sit well with ALOT of owners. That's a very small community and word travels fast regarding issues like that.

        Other than that, I think you're SPOT-ON!
        I'm not sure I understand doc, JJ drove for a total of two owners from what I recall. One of those teams has gone on record as saying that he is the most deserving driver not an IndyCar right now and if they fielded a car again he would be the driver. The other team he drove for he still works for driving their 2 seater. He may have had some maturity issues but he was all of what - twenty-one?

        Besides - How many of those team owners from back then are still in the IRL? Three I think?
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