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Father Son Trip

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  • Father Son Trip

    Wow what a weekend at Michigan and for just 50 bucks.
    I took my 12 year old son and went Saturday and Sunday and we stayed at Hays State Park (good place to stay).

    Saturday: We went to the truck race then set up camp and came back for Indy practice. We had a great time.

    We watched a highly competitive Infinity Pro race then off to the infield were we voted on our favorite Vettes and Sam as our favorite driver.
    Then the Indy Cars, All during the race my son kept saying this is the best race he had ever been to. Even though we are both big Hornish fans watching Alex spin and then come back to win was very exciting.
    I cannot believe that with so many people in Michigan living within 100 miles or so from the track that more of them didn’t take advantage of the deals they had on tickets.

    Sunday Eve:
    We listened to the local Am radio station go on and on about this is best racing Michigan has ever seen and how much better this was than any of the NASCAR races there.
    They also were able to get there local reporters to interview almost all the drivers.

    Off to Dearborn (50 miles) to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. All I can say if you have never been there go!
    Then back to Indy.

    August 17th
    Father son trip version two
    I’ve got 12 tickets to KY I’ll not only be adding my Dad and my oldest son on that one but I’m also taking 8 coworkers who have never been to a IRL race. I can’t wait to see their faces.
    I am blessed to have witnessed "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" 50 times!

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    Indy Red, what the heck are you trying to pull here buddy? On a board knee deep in racing insiders, team owners, engineers, CEO's, CFO's, UFO's, Big Time TV executives, Program Directors, Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, Loons, Goons, Buffoons, Snipers, Flamers, Giants of Industry, Midgets of Mentality, Men of the Cloth, and.......and..........dolan, you wanna sashay in here with some "Andy and Opie" tale of enjoying yourself with undertones of Bargain Priced, high value entertainment, that you and your son think you enjoyed immensly? The very idea sir! You sound like some kind of race fan. I'll be keepin my eye on you pal. It is just this sort of thing we can all blame the evil grandson for! Get a rope and a tall tree!
    Yer Pal, Ded
    "I'm a Rodeo-de-oh-deo-deo-de-Cowboy borderin on the Insane"

    "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't lead a hortaculture"

    "When The Going Get's Wierd, The Wierd Turn Pro"


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      Sounds like a GREAT trip.

      Glad you had a lot of fun.

      And why only 12 to KY? Can't you find some more folks?? C'mon we need to pack the place
      We flipped our finger to the King of England
      Stole our country from the Indians
      With god on our side and guns in our hands
      We took it for our own!


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        My first road trip with my son/best friend was to Indy, we have made many more to other tracks, other series, places most only dream about, and have returned to Indy often, it's the best. All my kids are grown up now, boys and girls, we all went to races together, it is the best of our times together. It won't be long now, Little Mackie and her Papa, at the races together, when she was close to two we went to a practice session for "The Winston," it was a start, she was still too young, but I was showin' her off!


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          I had a similiar trip. In races past, I have taken many, many people to their first races. Now,they are IRL regulars. Unfortunately, most of us just had returned from Nashville and they could not go to Michigan. However, after last year's race I vowed to not miss this years. Now, with no one to go with, what do I do? I know, take my 3 year old. We left at 5:30 and drove nearly 5 hours to make it to the race. Walked around and bought souviners and ate a hot dog or two. Climbed, what seemed like the steepest steps I have ever climbed at least 3 times. Later, I bought a $5 cup of Lemonade, or so they called it. It must have been bad, he is still telling everyone that Dad made him drink some nasty stuff. He then stood next to me during the Star Spangle Banner, holding his hat and wondering what everyone was doing. He then sat there with his headset on listening to the drivers only to later fall asleep. He woke up at the end and I asked him what he thought? "I liked it" he said. Do you want to come back? "Yep!"

          Now, I took him to his first race at age 1 to the 2001 Indy 500, but I will forever consider this the first race for me and my son. I hope he remembers this for as long as I do. It was one of my proudest day's. I think I will take him to Texas Two later this year. I can't wait.

          Now, if I could only get him to not pull for a Penske driver. He likes castro Neves. Can't blame him, but wish he liked a non Penske driver.
          16th and Georgetown, the greatest place on EARTH!!!


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            Well, it's 4:30 am our 3 car caravan is pulling out of Indy
            God's speed everyone lets have a safe race.
            My 12 year old son is going all out Robbie hat and Sam T shirt.

            Have fun all !!!
            V2 report comming soon.
            I am blessed to have witnessed "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" 50 times!


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              ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                Though we are hours apart now, my Dad and I have not missed the Silver Crown show at DuQuoin together in almost thirty years...

                Yesterday, for my son, was our first trip together to the Silver Crown show at Illinois State Fair. It was special.

                How Rich Tobias survived that wild flip with Tyler and Capie, I'll never know...

                Yeley broke early, Darland was super fast and walked away with it...
                "...American open-wheel racing is based around the most famous oval track in the world -- the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So how in the world does it make sense to center the majority of the IndyCar Series on street courses, road courses and foreign events?..." Terry Blount, ESPN


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