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  • Pit Crew Shirts

    Does anyone know a good web site that sells indycar pit crew shirts. I checked Indystuff.com and there isnt much on there. Does anyone know of any?
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    Richard Kimble 11/18/2010

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    Ebay has some:
    It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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      Check this out too.

      The Mailroom


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        Speedway Monograming, don't know if they have a website, across from the track also sell some of the old shirts.

        Funny story about those shirts. Chris Paulsen, lived across the street from my mom and dad when he was Chief Mechanic for JR with John Caples VA Team. He disposed of some of his shirts, not sure where. Well at qualifications a couple years later Chris' former wife and I were at the Speedway. A man was wearing one of the shirts, on a whim Christy went over to him and struck up a conversation. He claimed that he was indeed Chris Paulsen, and proceeded to answer her questions about the cars. My favorite:

        What do the wings do for the cars?
        They give the cars lift, making them lighter so that they can go faster.

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          As mentioned above the best bet these days tends to be eBay. I've seen some really nice shirts go for relatively small amounts. The Mailroom has a fair selection but by and large Frank prices his stuff rather high.
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