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    Today my wife received a call from this guy who wanted to talk with me about my email that I sent them on Saturday.

    First off I found this odd since I have an unlisted number and only a few people have it. None-the-less I called him. He said that they received tons of email about this subject and wanted to contact a few of the passionate emails to help clear things up.

    We talked about the whole Dare/Beechler deal and how they struggled with the decision. He said that Beechler hit the wall at over 100 G's and that the head restraint was shoved back into the engine cowling. Donnie is supposed to go to the doctor on Friday and that he hoped that he would be cleared to drive for them in Indy.

    I said that that was all fine and dandy but what about a little loyality. I mentioned Park and he said that yes he knows all about Park seeing how the Harrah's car is the one that T-Boned Park. His reply was that they just wanted to do what is best for the team, and Donnie, in the long run and that there were things that he was not at liberty to discuss. Kinda leads me to believe Donnie was banged up worse that let on.

    I then asked him if he had ever heard of Track Forum? He said no that he only gets on a few sites and tries to stay away from gossiping forums. I told him about this great site and that a member had talked to Donnie and that he say's he is fine and did not know weather or not he wanted to race Indy with Foyt. The guy I was talking to assured me that Beechler has had a change of heart and is looking forward to running Indy.

    I hope everything this guy said was on the level and indeed Donnie did not get screwed. He said to call him if I had any questions and that if I was ever at a race to stop and look him up. I will indeed contact him if Donnie tells a different story.

    I just thought that was pretty weird that they called, but pretty noble of them as well. Still want to know how they got my #.
    Team KELLEY ROCKS! Get well soon Jason! Three in top ten at KY. Way to go Scott, Al, and Tony!

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    Hmm. Nice thread. I can't dwell on this any longer. I wonder if John K has contacted Donnie to do an interview. The thing that I want to know is how he describes his own health. If he said he was ready to race tomorrow, I'd believe him.

    Are people allowed second opinions other than Bock's?
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      That is pretty cool of them to call you. I really appreciate customer service even when I don't necessarily agree with the outcome.

      I'm now in "wait and see" mode on this one. I really like Donnie, and watched him race at places like Springfield, Jacksonville, and Godfrey, IL. Plus, I used to drive down to watch the sprinters on that red clay paperclip known as Farmington, MO, where he used to run with the Weyant's and Standridges.

      Good guy all around.
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        This won't help with those who have their mind made up in the other direction. The last thread like this took 5 posts before someone said he wasn't "buying it." Foyt has gone to great lengths to support DB, not just now but in the past, he wouldn't turn on him now, and will help him in the future.

        More important is security, on the net and with your phone, how could this happen?

        Hey Roni, in light of this will you change your signature line?

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          Roni, dittos on the sig line request.

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            Is L.V. still run by the Mob?

            Scary-----verrrrry scary.

            Uh.......just kiddin' Mr. Soprano. Don't call me.


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              Miles, the problem I'm having is that a member of Donnie's family said that Donnie was fine in this thread thread. So what does this mean?

              Beechler is lying?

              I remain unconvinced that, if Beechler really wanted this ride, and if Foyt really wanted him to have it, that they could not have worked this out, get Donnie to a doctor for clearance (or not), and put him in the car for Phoenix.

              My guess at this point is that Foyt wanted Dare in the car rather than Beechler. And I'd be ok with that... if he'd just say so. But how should I really know what is going on.

              The way I see it, either Beechler is pretending not to be injured to keep his ride - which is already gone - or Foyt and Harrah's are "pretending" to keep from looking so bad. I sense a lack of honesty here from somebody and that bothers me more than the situation in general... well, maybe.
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                Beechler may truly believe he is fit to drive when,in reality,he is not.Race drivers tend to think they are bulletproof and often attempt comebacks before they are really ready.Either that or they insist that they are fine.Does Ricky Craven ring a bell?Stan Fox?Scott Sharp?

                It's not just race drivers.Remember Steve Young?Joe Montana?People in high risk sports all seem to have the same mentality.That mentality is part of the reason that they do what they do and the rest of us write on message boards.It doesn't mean they're stupid but it doesn't mean they are the best qualified to assess their own health either.

                Before we condemn Foyt,who,it seems to me,has done a great deal to help Beechler,why don't we wait to see how this all plays out?
                Proud to be a complainer.


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                  Perhaps Donnie does generally feel fine, and doesn't want to be labelled as "damaged goods". I really hope he gets another shot.
                  "But another icy Indiana winter will come and go and before we know it, springtime returns and it will be May and the roar of engines will once again breathe life into the lazy Hoosier sky and bring us back together." -- Sid Collins


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                    Race drivers tend to think they are bulletproof and often attempt comebacks before they are really ready.
                    This may be true, but again, nobody can really say what Donnie's injuries are. I can only say what I saw, him getting out of his car under his own power, and he looked same old same old in his interview at Homestead (sat mar 3).

                    Seems to me that "comeback" is kind of an inflationary term in describing the events.

                    Kinda like a Super model "coming back" from a chipped nail.
                    "I was riding on the Mayflower when I thought I spotted some land" ~Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

                    A rampart is a bulwark!


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                      I forgot something in my previous post. I asked if Greg Ray was considered? He said yes, but Greg more less burnt his bridge at Texas last year.

                      And yes I will change my signature, however I tried and it says that I have been specificly locked out. How am I supposed to change it when I am locked out?
                      Team KELLEY ROCKS! Get well soon Jason! Three in top ten at KY. Way to go Scott, Al, and Tony!


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                        Try it now, Roni


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                          Don't know how long it's been since you were in the ST. Louis area, but remember Rod Crabtree at Farmington? He's pretty tough now. Farmington's car count is around 22-25 weekly and Tim Montgomery's little brother Joey is really coming along.

                          Maybe I'll see you at Manzy!
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                            Thanks doitagain. How is that?
                            Team KELLEY ROCKS! Get well soon Jason! Three in top ten at KY. Way to go Scott, Al, and Tony!


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                              The thing I'd like to know is the IRL/Harrah's/Foyt keeping Donnie out of the seat for fear that his skills are impacted and that he would be a danger to other competitors or are they protecting him from further injury. I kind of remember some years back about a race at Indy and this guy named Lazier. His back was broken in so many places from a wreck just a couple of months earlier and he was in so much pain that he had to be practically lifted in and out of the car, yet he went on to win the race. I can't believe that he competed without any risk or further injury.



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