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Non-hostile question for JohnK

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  • Non-hostile question for JohnK

    I noticed that you still have to do your reporting outside the NASCAR races and can only show photos. Last evening while watching a show on SportsChannel about the Waltrips, they showed photos from the footage during the ESPN time of NASCAR.

    What is the deal with them not allowing you into the track and are you guys fighting back by not giving them rights to old clips for their magazine shows?

    Also, do you think that you will ever get back into the tracks at NASCAR?

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    Very interesting question.

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      The producer of RPM was interviewed by motorsportstv and ESPN still owns the rights to those old races, I see a deal being struck!


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        frankly, i don't know what our policy toward the other networks using our old footage entails.

        as for rpm being allowed back in? i wish i knew the answer to that, but right now it doesn't look as if anything will change.


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          Has anyone seen the Totally NASCAR farce lately, a sports news brake in the middle and finishes early!


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            Originally posted by Mackie:
            <STRONG>Has anyone seen the Totally NASCAR farce lately, a sports news brake in the middle and finishes early!</STRONG>

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              From what I can tell, ESPN can show any footage that originally aired on their networks. They are partial owners along with NASCAR since it was their cameras. SpeedChannel can air anything since they have NASCAR's full support and NASCAR owns any and all video of their series.

              It would be like ESPN showing IRL footage from the FOX network stint because IMS owns all video and has a current contract with ABC. If IMS wanted to be jerks they could not allow FOX to show anything other than what was originally aired on their network.

              Even I am confused right now!
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