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  • Semi -OT The Winston

    It was announced today that NASCAR has awarded the NASCAR All Star race to Lowes Motor Speedway again. NASCAR has basically let them keep it one more year to see if they can make it a really big event. Humpy Wheeler is quoted as saying
    ``We're going to promote the living heck out it, and I'd like to see us up our advertising budget another quarter-million or half-million dollars''
    It would be nice if the IRL or all of the tracks on the circuit took this same attitude when it comes to IRL races.


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    I am betting this is a concession to Humpy. He had files suite against one of the France entities, I believe for anticompetive practices because they own the series and they control half the tracks.


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      Actually, I think it was a way to put a little hurt in Humpy's pocketbook, a little payback for SMI's dealings with NASCAR.

      Why NASCAR would want to move this race, and why any of the teams would want it moved is beyond me. They get to say home for at least a week, and it's right in the heart of RJR country. Plus, the weeklong celebration in Charlotte leading up to the 600.
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        For all its hype, the Winston does not come close to selling out, in NASCAR's real home town, with tiny ticket prices compared to a regular event.

        The talk of "moving the Winston" was just part of the Winston/SMI hype machine.

        And, SMI tracks have EXACTLY the same number of events per track owned as ISC tracks.


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          Believe me when I tell you that the threat of moving the Winston was real, not hype. I do know some things here that I will not repeat.

          Also, the lawsuit against NASCAR came from a stockholder of TMS. That stockholder also sued SMI. SMI did not sue NASCAR.
          "It is sad that open-wheel racing has become a buy a ride situation, but it is what it is."


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            Make sure that you give HDolan a good lashing for starting a NASCAR thread.
            DVR . . . . Life is too short to watch commercials.


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              The Winston imho is the dumbest idea for an event I've ever seen. Totally contrived and ridiculous.


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                Is this a NASCAR thread Rev...


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