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I Gave Gene Simmons an IRL Hat Today.

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  • I Gave Gene Simmons an IRL Hat Today.

    Turns out he’s quite the race fan, in addition to being handy with the ladies. He’s in Toronto to promote his book . . . the one in which he claims to have gotten biblical with 4,000 cuties. I felt like I needed a latex glove to shake his hand.

    He stopped by the broadcast center prior to a book signing at Chapters downtown at 6:30, and I happened to run into him in the break area before he headed over there. I generally carry a couple of extra IRL hats with me when I travel, because you can never tell who’d like one. He was appreciative of the gift and says his current favorite is Juan Pablo because he’s won in F-1, the Indy 500 and the Troy-based series all in the past couple of years. Lee Roy, he didn’t mention any of the Labontes or Burtons, however. Sorry. He DID mention Tony Stewart.

    I told him if he wanted to sing our national anthem at this year’s 500 he shouldn’t change the words, go off on a harmonica riff at the beginning, or stick his tongue out unless ABC could get a horrified Mari reaction shot into the same frame. He looked at me kinda funny. Not as funny as when I suggested we should ‘hang’ after the book thing, however. I got a really weird look when I suggested he would be a vast improvement over ‘ol aunt Flo on America the Beautiful.

    He changed his tune dramatically after I returned a bit later with a professional model who also works in the administrative area and does part time on the air on weekends. He didn’t mind ‘hangin’ then. He had that ‘4,001’ look in his eye. His tongue really is a freak of nature. Unbelievable in person.

    I don’t know if he kept the hat on when he went to Chapters, but he had it on the whole time he was at the broadcast center. I’m gratified I did my part to enhance the new ‘product placement’ philosophy. He’s actually a pretty nice guy, considering he has to deal with weirdos like me.

    Some Canadians, however, remain hostile about the initials I, R and L.

    Ooohh, I almost forgot. I asked him to consider having KISS sponsor an IRL team for a full season, UNLIKE OTHER ROCK STARS WHO WIMP OUT AFTER TWO RACES. He said he'd think about it.

    [ January 15, 2002: Message edited by: Defender ]
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    The interesting thing is Gene Simmons clames to have pictures of most of the 4,000 women. He and Paul Stanley use to keep photo albums of all the women they would sleep with.
    "IRL" ... what IS that anyway?

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      Maybe he was wearing the hat in an effort not to be noticed.


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        Badger, that was too good!
        I wouldn't agree with it of course, but you got to go for it, when it's left out there for you.
        Some people will do nearly anything in order to be able to not do anything.


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          That means all three of the Defender brothers have met Gene Simmons.

          Don't ask!

          Can you imagine having a tongue like that AND being able to breathe through your ears?

          [ January 15, 2002: Message edited by: Roadrage ]


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            Beautiful post, Defender!


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              Since you brought up KISS.I passed Ace in the lobby of the Weston Hotel after this years 500.I didn't talk to him so I don't know why he was in Indy.I should have thanked him for making my high school years bearable because that the height of Disco-mania.


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                He was on the radio here the other day (in Detroit) talking about the book, and the good ole' days. He would keep a poloroid with some notes for each girl. Some girls he literally would walk up to at an after concert party, pick up, and carry off to bed. I WOULD wear that latex glove.

                I had to laugh at the thought of him doing the national anthem at Indy this year ( sounds good to say this year, means it is getting close!). spitting up blood, blowing fire, sticking the big tounge out.


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                  that would be a bit much to 'defend' on this board .

                  time for confession:

                  kiss was the first concert I ever saw.1/2/77.

                  saw em 4 more times, 78,79,96 and 2000.

                  notice I skipped the 'no-makeup ' years.

                  just bought the book yesterday.

                  I don't get the insatiable conquest of women.
                  I'm sure I wouldn't be like that given the chance. right? right?

                  I have a kiss lava lamp.

                  and some little statues.

                  and some kiss diecasts.

                  they did sponsor connie kalitta's top fueler for the las vegas race last year, and sterling marlin for one race. great paint jobs.

                  and they did the national anthem on kiss alive 3.

                  I say have the whole band in makeup and blow the place sky high.
                  It's a brand new day.


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                    I'm kinda shocked you didn't accidently spill a drink on him...
                    "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made."
                    ~~Groucho Marx
                    I have the hots for Khaleesi...


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                      Originally posted by nitrofan:
                      <STRONG>I say have the whole band in makeup and blow the place sky high.</STRONG>
                      Well you know if Reif were still there he would consider it to top 2001.


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                        No more dope - addled Hippies singing the National Anthem !
                        Fan of a small Club Series bankrolled by rich men


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                          Originally posted by nitrofan:
                          <STRONG>time for confession:

                          I have a kiss lava lamp.</STRONG>
                          Aw, geez, nitro, did you have to go and say that?!?

                          Do you have a picture of it? Take a picture of it, open an account on that photo album website that TSL uses, and post that mutha!!!! I WANNA SEE IT!!!!

                          Not too "70's" there, dude.

                          I don't think I'd confess something like that under pain of torture!
                          "I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." - Thomas Jefferson

                          RIP, Dan. You will always be one of my heroes.


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                            Originally posted by nitrofan:
                            <STRONG>time for confession:

                            kiss was the first concert I ever saw.1/2/77.

                            Same here! Sept. 1979 ("Dyansty" tour)

                            BTW, Defender, Kiss would never sponsor an IRL car - they only like business deals that involve them receiving money! Hence, the existence of Kiss lava lamps, Kiss caskets, etc. etc. etc.


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                              For the life of me I can not remember the year, but me and a friend of mine (a huge KISS fan) went to a KISS concert in Terre Haute - I think it was the War Machine tour.

                              Anyway, my friend was a DJ at a local radio station and knew that the band was staying at the Sheraton Inn (later to become Larry Bird's Boston Connection... I think its a Days Inn now ). So, my buddy went down there the next morning and caught the band - minus Paul Stanley - eating breakfast in the hotel restuarant. He goes up to them with a couple of drum sticks and a bloody towel that he had grabbed during the concert. The band was very polite and autographed his Simmons blood stained memorabilia for him. He asked where Stabley was, and Simmons said he was passed out on the bus or something. Then he asked about Ace Freeley, who wasn't with the band at the time, and Gene said he was somwhere being an *******.

                              Then Gene noticed a couple great looking women sitting at the next table and stared at them until he got their attention. One gal asked him what he was looking at and he said, "I'm Gene Simmons... of KISS."

                              She looked at him and sneered... "So?"

                              The rest of the band had a good laugh about that. I guess she was not on of the 4000.
                              Dave Steele Rocks!!!


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