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OT- Who do you want to be the new

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  • OT- Who do you want to be the new

    head coach of the Indianapolis Colts? For me it is Tony Dungy all the way as long as he stays away from the offense.

    [ January 15, 2002: Message edited by: IndyIRLman ]
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    "they(NASCAR fans) know the difference between George Mack and Tony Stewart" - hdolan 8/31/02


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      How can you expect a head coach to stay away from the offense?
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        Originally posted by ZenMan:
        <STRONG>How can you expect a head coach to stay away from the offense? </STRONG>
        The last one did a great job of staying away from the Defense
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          you won't like the end results, he may load up the gun but he won't pull the trigger. A good person, a credit to the city where he is, no doubt about it, but his brand of footbal is vanilla on offence. He brings great defence, but they are on the field so much that eventually they are worn out, then the finger pointing begins. No, a great defencive coordinator, but not a head coach.


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            Originally posted by IndyIRLman:
            <STRONG>head coach of the Indianapolis Colts?

            [ January 15, 2002: Message edited by: IndyIRLman ]</STRONG>
            Bob Knight - at least he knows how to motivate people.
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              If they are definitely keeping Tom Moore as Off. Coord., then Dungy is probably the best they can do. A bigger name coach would want his own guy there. Dungy however is friends with Moore, so it seems to be a good fit.

              Still, I don't see where Dungy is a big upgrade on Mora. Mora also had a rep as a good defensive mind before he got to Indy.

              I know it would never happen, but since the question is who I "want" to be the coach, that's easy - Bill Parcells.


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                Dungy. Although he never should have been fired. The Bucs had something like 2 winning seasons in 20 years before he came. I like they had 4 winning seasons in 6 years under Dungy.

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