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Without comment: USA Today article

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  • Without comment: USA Today article

    USA Today article

    Without comment to avoid any appearance of flame/troll etc.
    Discuss among yourselves...

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    The only reply I will make is that the article is true.
    However, only the foundation has been laid in 2002. The rewards, if any, will come later.


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      Old article. . . no real news. . . believe we've covered it all.
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        Wow...a lot of effort went into writing that article...pretty sad!


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          That "article" was a side-bar (meaning small, accompanying story) to the larger one, which you can find here.
          Griz In Indy


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            page 8C. 'Nuff said.

            WHhat's new?
            He kani 'ano 'e loa kela. Ua 'ai nui anei 'oe ma ke kakahiaka?


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              I "sall" that article in the paper. The woes were done with "bullets" to make them standout. The way the article was written and shown in the paper, one would conclude there were no positives to the season.

              It is just about what I would expect from USAToday.
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              What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...


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                Originally posted by Jakester:
                <STRONG>USA Today article

                Without comment to avoid any appearance of flame/troll etc.
                Discuss among yourselves...</STRONG>
                How'd ju do that?

                I can only see it in that format from your link. If you go to USA Today's site, it's a side-bar to a great story about Sam choosing the IRL over NASCAR.
                the man in expensive shoes


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                  * Alarming injuries. At least eight drivers missed a race because of injury, and actor/driver Jason Priestley was hurt in the IRL's Infiniti Pro Series.

                  Trying to use the Jason Priestley situation as a way to attack the IRL. Very weak and low by any media standards.

                  * An attention deficit. Outside of the marquee Indy 500, TV ratings and attendance were dwarfed by NASCAR.

                  NASCAR ususally have higher ratings than the NFL. They've been higher than any other forms of racing for many years now. Very ignorant statement.

                  * A sponsorship shortfall. Insiders estimate that approximately half the IRL's teams had an acceptable level of sponsorship money.

                  True statement but they are exaggerating.

                  * Its most popular driver, Sarah Fisher, couldn't find a steady ride until midseason.

                  Most popular drivers are Helio Castroneves and Sam Hornish, Jr.

                  Sounds like a CART attack again. Someone from USA Today has been listending to RM.

                  [ September 23, 2002: Message edited by: Jimbo7 ]


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                    With friends like these who needs enemies. A great season for the IRL and USAtoday comes up with this. Pathetic.


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                      rev's right, we've already covered this before.

                      I can't help from noticing this looks like Watergate, all over again. I like USA today ... they usually have the best pictures of any of the major selling tabloids.

                      Somewhere there's an editor on vacation!


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                        Originally posted by trow:

                        Somewhere there's an editor on vacation!
                        Summer interns writing articles? hmmmmmmm

                        But that's just my opinion!


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                          Thanks, Jakester for not trolling.

                          I'm sure somebody believes you.

                          I don't.
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                            USAToday...why waste the trees. :mad:


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