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So does Tomas get the gig????

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  • So does Tomas get the gig????

    and if not, why?

    Where does that put Little Al?

    I'd say that if you pace the field while interviewing for the job, you're deserving.

    Short track fans - do you think Hines, Drake, or Kahne could have stepped into the 52 and matched today's performance? I don't know. Is it the car, or the driver?
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    It would sure be hard to argue with the result, wouldn't it?
    Griz In Indy


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      Being quick in practice at CA is 5% driver and 95% car.


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        I'd like to see other drivers in the car too.

        I'd also like to know if his speed was draft-assisted.

        If he's the real deal give him the seat.

        I think Red Bull will insist on it anyway.
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