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Building the fan base.

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  • Building the fan base.

    I've been thinking about this for a while,so I've got an idea.Particularily in the south,the IRL should double up at some tracks to gain name recognition with the populous in that area.Specifically Nashville and Richmond.Nashville does'nt have a 'Cup date,and the fans seemed genuinly interested in Indy car racing last summer.Build on that and have a second race there.Same with Richmond.The track drew a surprisingly good crowd in a place that should'nt have sold that well for an Indy car race.A second race there would build the fan base,and get the drivers names on the minds of the people there.Just a thought.Winston Cup build its fan base by giong to tracks twice a year.It has worked in Texas for the IRL.I think it is something that should be tried elsewhere!

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    Problem number 1 would be way too many NASCAR fans don't know there are other forms of racing and aren't about to look.
    2 is fans who might go to the Richmond race decide which of the two they they will attend rather than go to both.
    3 WC went to tracks twice and more than that farther back because they were in the Southeast and that's where their fan base was.

    If the IRL would race in Milwaukee from Chicago there would be Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Indy, Michigan, Kentucky, Gateway all 5 hours or less and KC 8 hours driving. You can't hope to only draw people who go Sunday but there are 7 races around the midwest fan base with no pressing need for a second at any of them without taking away from the others.
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