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ESPN not so pro-IRL?

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  • ESPN not so pro-IRL?

    I have taken notice over the past few months that maybe ESPN is not so pro-IRL even though they are partners with the series.

    The web site seems to give as much as or even more coverage to CART and the same goes for RPM2Night. And with Robin doing double duty from both series, it tends to get a little more CARTish at times.

    Wednesday's RPM2Night show was an example of how the IRL got basically nothing on a preview of St. Louis, but they rambled on and on about Montreal, Villenueve, da Matta, etc. Am I crazy or does anyone else see this too?

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    I thought the same thing. However, the IRL did get SOME coverage. Like it or not, it's a good thing. As others have put it "baby steps, baby steps". Good things come to those that wait. I'll wait until he// freezes over! The vision will live on!


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      I had a revelation. I have figured it all out now. Here's why we don't get much IRL time on RPM2Nite:

      "Open Wheel Wednesday; brought to you by Honda..."

      It should have been obvious to me. I'm sure it was obvious to others a long time ago. Next year, the IRL will reign when Honda and Toyota pay to advertise on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2.


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        ABC/ESPN has proven that the only thing they want the IRL for is the Indy 500. They are now driving viewers away from that.

        They need to pull their head out of their.... er,, where ever their head is and realize they need to be promoting ALL of the races. If they do this it will provide a bigger pay back when May come around.

        Imgine if the NFL was never promoted. Do they think the SUper Bowl would be near as big as it is.



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          <STRONG>ESPN not so pro-IRL?</STRONG>

          Supporting Indy Car racing since 1959


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            The most convincing bit of evidence to me is Jack Arute.


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              Originally posted by Wolfboy:
              "Open Wheel Wednesday; brought to you by Honda..."
              I was wondering if anyone else noticed what went on during that "Honda" commercial though? Did anyone notice that the ONLY 2 "CART" drivers that they showed during the commercial were Fernandez and Mikey? Guess we all know where they're going to be next year don't we. Pretty much solidifies Mikey's options, not that he had many to begin with. Mikey WILL be in the IRL FULL-TIME next year. I'd almost lay my bottom dollar that he has alot of "heart to heart" talks with the likes of AUJ, Eddie, Billy etc...to see how much fun he's missing.
              But that's just my opinion!


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                Originally posted by Defender:


                Yeah, sure Defender. Just jump on the bandwagon now and act like you've always known ESPN gave cart better coverage.

                I see through your act....

                The only thing more annoying than posters who flip-flop their position on issues are those who just post the same thing over and over and over....

                [ August 21, 2002: Message edited by: Troy McClure ]


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                  What is the name of that show? RPM2night, not IRL2night.

                  Funny seems both sides have the same opinion of the show, maybe ESPN has the balance just right.

                  I'm not happy that the SCRA, USAC, WoO and SuperModifieds don't get more coverage on Open Wheel Wednesday.

                  Maybe they are saving the Preview of the St. Louis race closer to the weekend?

                  Was there actually any news for the IRL today?

                  Maybe it is their plan to have people focus on the Montreal race so that "F1" types see how inferior those cars are compared to F1, hence causing more damage to CART?

                  In closing the IRL should negotiate a better deal for the next TV package, that includes a much needed stand alone preview/review show exclusive to the IRL.

                  [ August 21, 2002: Message edited by: stymie ]
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                    Originally posted by Outlaw:
                    "..... they need to be promoting ALL of the races. If they do this it will provide a bigger pay back when May come around.

                    Imgine if the NFL was never promoted. Do they think the SUper Bowl would be near as big as it is.

                    Excellent post. It is what I have been saying all along, just not as well.
                    "Is that my *** that I smell burning?" ... Helmet Stogie from "Death spasms of the Mabuchi"


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                      I can think of two on RPM2Night that lean towards CART more than the IRL. I won't go there because I really never cared for them in the first place. However, the cons should not outweight the exemplary coverage that Jack Arute, Vince Welch, Gary Gerould, Scott Goodyear and...yes Paul Page provide every IRL race weekend on ABC/ESPN. Those guys do an awesome job. I rest my case.


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                        It is NOT IRL2night!


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                          Originally posted by Mackie:
                          <STRONG>It is NOT IRL2night!</STRONG>
                          But it should be


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                            RPM 2nite is false advertizing. It should be known as CART 2nite. It covers CART in vastly greater proportion to its TV ratings or (real) live gate numbers, compared to other series.

                            After all, its main reporter is a paid CART employee.


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                              I thought there were waaaayyyy too many fenders for Open Wheel Wednesday :mad:

                              I also think they give a little too much time to NHRA.
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