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  • Flagroom

    Do you have to be 21 or over to watch the race in the Brickyard Resort Flagroom?

    Girl friend is 20-1/2, or what she calls, "little"

    Yellow means go (to the bathroom)

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    As a semi-retired bouncer, the answer is probably thus:

    What does she look like? AND
    How obnoxious is she??

    Good lookin' quiet girls can get into bars at 20.5. Other's, well.....

    Oh, and if you are under age, NEVER tell the bouncer that. Stick with the "no ID" lie. If you tell the guy you're under age, he has to take responsibility, and most bouncers don't like that. Heck, that's why they are bouncers in the first place. If there was ever a job that didn't require THOUGHT, that's it.
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      Minors are welcome, they just need to stay on the far side of a 3' high wall from the bar.
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        Thanks for the replies, the last time I asked this question TF had the big crash, was afraid to ask again

        I found out about TF at my first visit to the Flagroom for the Naz race. I think there was a blurb about it on the IRL website about fans meeting there, so on my way back from the Purdue Grand Prix, I fought the rain on my way down to Indy, and then watched the cold and misty race in PA.

        Many of the recent races have been on ABC, so I watched standing on my own carpet, but the next one is on the cable that i can't afford , so I may and my "minor' g-friend might be in attendance.

        I don't want to sit behind the 3' wall though
        Yellow means go (to the bathroom)


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          Tell them you're Bird's girlfriend and when they quit laughing they'll ask you what your drinkin

          [ August 21, 2002: Message edited by: dog-ring ]
          SENسR MODERATOR......

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            how about i take her to chuckie cheese and you can watch the race
            what the h*ll are you talking about sam !!!! bobby unser


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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by step33T:
              [QB]As a semi-retired bouncer
              WOW, do you know Dalton? Did you have a part in Road House?


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                God I love that movie Road House.
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                    Where exactly is the Flagroom?

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                    [ August 21, 2002: Message edited by: Teej ]
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                      Originally posted by mvc:
                      <STRONG>God I love that movie Road House. </STRONG>
                      "If someone gets in your face....be nice".
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