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Penske pit work

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  • Penske pit work

    Castroneves goes into the pits out of the top ten, and comes out in third place...


    Sure hope Gil is OK; he took a very hard hit. Roger looks pretty concerned.
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    The thumbs up was good to see. Hope he is alright.
    By the time you finish reading this you realize that you have wasted 5 seconds of your life.


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      They didn't have to put much fuel in the car since Helio pitted under the Redon yellow.


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        Originally posted by bespoke:
        <STRONG>They didn't have to put much fuel in the car since Helio pitted under the Redon yellow.</STRONG>

        Yep, it happened twice. The car was basically ready to go once they dropped it off the jacks. They only needed half a fill for a full tank. Great work anyways.


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          It was great work, but let's be honest. The short fills were created by Helio having to pit on lap 10 or whatever under yellow when Redon's engine went, while all the frontrunners stayed out. And the decision to pit was based on his poor qualifying results and running back in 18th-20th or whatever.

          This was as much pit strategy as it was execution, but nonetheless, when the team had to execute they did so expertly, as usual. Once he got up near the front, his pit crew kept him out front. But I also think the Chevy I prevented him from keeping the track position that his crew gave him.

          Team Penske cannot be feeling good going into TX.



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