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OT - What Racing Series Has You Attended ?

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  • OT - What Racing Series Has You Attended ?

    A lot of the conversations around here hhave people touting one series as superior to another and so on. I for one am of the school that good racing is good racing regardless of series, so I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what series people who haunt this board have actually attended races for. Here are mine:

    Midgets - ARDC, USAC
    Sprint Cars - USAC, WOO, CRA, URC
    Silver Crown - USAC
    Modifieds - DIRT, NASCAR
    Indy Cars - USAC, IRL, CART
    Stock Cars - NASCAR (WC & BGN), ARCA
    Road Racing - Can Am, IMSA, Trans Am

    and of course a bunch of local track events but that is for another thread on what tracks you have attended.

    Is it May yet ?

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    The series that I have been able to see in person are:

    NASCAR Trucks
    Indy Lights
    Trans Am

    And of course the various series from stocks to midgets at my local short track, Kalamazoo Speedway.


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      Midgets USAC, Texas Midgets, Modified Midgets
      Sprints USAC, WoO, ASCS, CRA, UMP, IMCA, NCRA
      Modifieds, NTRA, Dirt South
      Super Modifieds USAC, NCRA
      Stocks USAC, Winston Cup, BGN, ARCA, IMCA, ALL PRO, Winston West, NDRA, TIDA, ASA and whatever the current Midsouth dirt series is called.
      Indy cars, IRL, CART, USAC
      Road Racing, Trans Am, F1, SCCA, TIDA
      Drag Racing NHRA, AHRA
      Boat Races Don't know the name of the series
      Airplane races Don't know the name of the series
      Truck races on superspeedway and Craftsman Trucks
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        USAC: Midgets, Sprints, Silver Crown, Indy Cars, Stocks
        NASCAR: Winston Racing Series (Regional)
        NAMARS midgets
        CORA midgets
        All Star Circuit of Champions
        ARCA Stocks
        Road Racing: CANAM, Formula 5000, Formula Ford
        TQ midgets years ago around our region, don't know the sanctioning body

        I also have seen boat races on the Ohio River but I can't recollect much about it.

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          My goodness, there have been so many. But here are a few:

          Formula One
          Trans Am
          SSCA regional, and national events, Run-Off’s
          Barber Dodge
          Toyota Formula Atlantic
          Indy Lights
          World Challenge
          SVRA Vintage races
          Kelly American Challenge
          SCCA Solo events
          American Racing Series Leauge
          Pro Sports 2000
          Grand Am
          Pro Spec Racer
          Karts (shifter)
          Showroom stock endurance races (can’t remember the sactioning body)
          Local short track events (at the Columbus Motor Speedway)
          AMA Super Cylce
          AMA motorcycle regional/local
          World Motorcross Championship (about 1973 at Honda Hills, Ohio)
          AMA local/regional motorcross
          Pro Boat races (do not remember the series, Formula type)

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          Brian W Keske

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            Indy Racing League
            NASCAR Winston Cup (and Grand National before it was WC)
            NASCAR Craftsman Trucks
            NHRA Drag Racing
            USAC midgets
            All kinds of local stuff- stocks, sprints, modifieds, drags, plus various SCCA amateur events.
            etc, etc, etc...
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            you'll get what you've always gotten.


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              USAC: Indy 500, sprints, midgets, Silver Crown, FF2000
              SCRA: Sprints
              SCCA: Indianapolis regional, Super Vees
              NHRA: US Nationals
              IMCA: E-Mods
              NASCAR: WC-Brickyard 400, BGN-Kroger 200
              SMRA and WSMA - Western supermodifieds (at CW)
              IRP Friday Night Stock cars (I saw Dick Trickle and Bob Seneker race before there was an ASA)
              Formula 1
              Plus a few others....

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              Professor Joe
              Lost in Indy

              "So many of these guys know how to preserve their tires, how to handle traffic and how to win a race. They really deserve to be in Indy cars." - Bob East


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                Turtle Races...Longville MN

                Pig Races...Iowa State Fair


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                  Originally posted by starrcam:
                  <STRONG>Turtle Races...Longville MN

                  Pig Races...Iowa State Fair

                  The Pig races at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are better than the ones at your State Fair any day!
                  By the time you finish reading this you realize that you have wasted 5 seconds of your life.


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                    Wow, big topic. Let's give it a shot, though...I'll just list sanctioning bodies.

                    NASCAR Cup, Busch, Trucks, All Pro, Re/Max, Southwest Tour, Winston West
                    IMSA Camel GT, GTP
                    SCCA Trans-Am, Speedvision Challenge, Regionals, Nationals
                    AIS Indy cars
                    World of Outlaws, Gumout Series
                    IMCA Late Models, Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sprint cars
                    USAC Stock cars, Late Models, Sprints, Midgets
                    NDRA Late Models
                    NCRA Late Models, Sprints, 360 Sprints, Modifieds
                    Toyota Atlantics
                    Late Models from TORA, MLRA, UDTRA, Busch All-Star
                    Various vintage races
                    NHRA, IHRA national drags, divisionals

                    Plus TONS of unsanctioned stuff...

                    I'm sure I'll think of more later, but this will work for now...
                    "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice


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                      I'll have to think a little on this one.

                      Sprints: WoO, AllStars, USAC, URC, KARS, Virginia Sprint series, SCRA, CRA

                      Midgets: USAC, ARDC, NEMA

                      NASCAR: Cup, BGN, BGNN, Modifieds, International Sedan Series, All-Pro

                      DIRT: Modifies Big and Small Block

                      Late Models: NDRA, Hav-a-Tampa, MACS, STARS, WoO Late Models

                      USAC: Silver Crown & F2000

                      Super Sportsman (Silver Spring)

                      GATOR Truck Series

                      Stock Cars: ARCA, ASA, Pro Truck series, Ice Man Series

                      ISMA Super Modifieds

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                        To save time, I will post what I saw last year.

                        IRL at Indy
                        CART at MIS
                        ARCA at MIS
                        Was supposed to see NAMARS midgets at Speedrome but got rained out (carb day)

                        This year will be

                        IRL at INDY
                        USAC midgets at IRP (nite before 500)
                        IRL at MIS
                        Nascar Trucks at MIS
                        IRL support series (i hope) at MIS
                        NAMARS midgets at Speedrome

                        possibly IRL at Chicago.


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                          Well, the ones I can remember are:

                          NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch, Craftsman Trucks, All Pro, Re/Max, Southwest Tour, Winston West, Northeast tour, Daytona Dash Series
                          USAC Champ Cars
                          IMSA GTU, GTO, GTP
                          SCCA Can Am, Trans-Am, Speedvision Challenge,Corvette Challenge, Solo I and II, Regionals, Nationals, Drivers Schools
                          AIS Indy cars
                          World of Outlaws, Gumout Series
                          IMCA Late Models, Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sprint cars, dirt cars
                          USAC Stock cars, Late Models, Sprints, Midgets
                          NDRA & UDTRA Late Models
                          NCRA Late Models, Sprints, 360 Sprints, Modifieds
                          Toyota Atlantics
                          Indy Lights
                          SCORE, SNORE, HDRA, & Best In The Desert offroad races
                          NHRA, IHRA and Import nationals and divisionals
                          AMA Pro and F-1 motorcycles
                          SVRA, VARA vintage races
                          APBA Offshore Racing
                          HYDROS and F-1 PROP hydroplanes
                          Miscellaneous hillclimbs, Legend Car events, concours, car auctions (Hershey, Pebble Beach. etc.)
                          Reno Air Races

                          Amazing what you can see if you're willing to spend 300 nights a year in hotels for about fifteen years!

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                            Midgets - 2002 people are post to take me
                            Sprint Cars - same as midgets
                            Silver Crown - USAC
                            Modifieds - NASCAR
                            Indy Cars - IRL, CART
                            Stock Cars - NASCAR (WC), ARCA, IROC
                            Road Racing - F1

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                              Formula One, and the support series with the USGP
                              Indy Lights
                              Mazda Pro-Series
                              SCCA Valvoline Runoffs
                              Winston Cup
                              Craftsmen Trucks
                              Winston West
                              AMA Supercross
                              AMA Superbikes
                              FIA GT
                              North American Touring Cars
                              It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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