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Ride-buyers and race wins

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  • Ride-buyers and race wins

    The ride-buying topic has been pretty hot again lately, so I will pose this question:

    When was the last time a out-and-out ride buyer won a IRL race??? (I am talking a guy who is chosen to drive, primarily, for his checkbook; and without the $, the car would not run-- examples would be Salazar with Foyt or Herb with Tri-Star or Giaffone with Treadway). Looking at last year, here is what I came up with:

    2001 IRL race winners:

    Hornish (Panther)- Pennzoil pays the bills; family money helped him get PDM seat; talent won him Panther seat.

    B. Lazier (Hemelgarn)- Tae-Bo, Coors, Delta
    paid the bills; hired on talent.

    Sharp (Kelley)- Delphi pays the bills; hired at Kelley for driving ability.

    Castroneves (Penske)- Marlboro pays the bills. Roger hired him for racing talent.

    Unser Jr. (Galles)- Starz, Bud, etc... paid the bills (TG may have helped a bit). Galles hired him for driving ability.

    J. Lazier (Menard)- Johns Manville and Menard pays the bills. May have brought money in other situations; but earned Menard ride with ability on track.

    Ray (Menard)- See above.

    Cheever (Cheever)- Eddie and Nissan pay the bills. Owns his own team, so really is not applicable.

    IMO, I don't see any true "ride-buyers" in that list. Unser Jr is the closest thing to one (and he would be considered one this year).

    When was the last time it happened? Do we make too much of this 'problem' if they aren't winning races anyway?
    IRL 2009: "Cars you can't see, driven by drivers you have never heard of, on a network you don't get"

    "I'd hire your grandmother, if she brought a budget"- Bankrupt Indy Car team owner Tyler Tadevic, to Curt Cavin in December, on the tough standards he looks for when "hiring" driver talent.

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    The ride-buyer/"wanker" list is at an
    all time high this year. I think it
    has quite a bit to do with economy.
    Teams are in a pinch and need the $$.


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      Wouldn't anyone here if they had the resources do the same thing? Until the money/ratings are there we need thses people to fill up the field.


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