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*** can't handle the TRUTH

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  • *** can't handle the TRUTH

    :mad: I've been banned from *** forums by trying to balance out the BS with facts. I guess what did me in was starting a thread suggesting they unlock the thread that 220mph started.

    Posting as "beckett" I simply stated that if MC can use a quote out of context, what's wrong with using the forum to discuss the actual quote. Oh yeah, I did mention that the usage of the quote, and the locking of the thread, said alot about *** and MC. That thread was deleted.

    I also started three other threads. I didn't think they were so bad. One with a link to the Car and Driver article about CART. One that states that there are IRL fans outside of Indiana. And one that talked of the IRL's international TV coverage. The IRL topics were on the IRL forum.

    These were in direct response to what MC has written about in his "Hot News" section: such as there are no IRL fans outside of Indiana, and an earlier mention that no one outside of the US even knows what the IRL is. I wasn't trying to stir up trouble, honest. I was just trying to balance out the site a little bit. What's wrong with that?

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    As someone else said on that same forum (maybe threads?), that CART fans always go to the IRL's forums and berate the IRL while few IRL fans reverse the favor. And that's true with "news" and media as well. Mark C has an enourmous head that obviously cannot be contained in ***. I've tried reason with those guys over there as well, but to no avail. The lack of IRL news and updates plus the small number of posters in the IRL forum compared to the CART forum shows how biased that site is. However, people could say the same here, but I see less trolling and bashing towards CART. (With the exception of *** that is )
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      Mark C. sent me an email telling me I was banned. I thought I was being civil, and only asked that the thread be opened up again. I would hardly call it an "outburst."

      Here is Mark C.'s email to me:

      "You are banned from our forums for your little outburst. Our report on the driver quotes tell the jist of the story. They drivers are being nice in front of the media. What they tell us in private about how easy the IRL cars are to drive tells the real story.

      If you have an issue with us, send us an e-mail. We won't stand for your charades on the forums."


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        What's the big surprise?*** and Mark C. are what they are and there's no reason to expect them to be different.Mark C. has his own agenda and he's not going to permit anything to stand in his way.
        Proud to be a complainer.


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          [QUOTE]Originally posted by Jacoby:

          "I've been banned from *** forums by trying to balance out the BS with facts."

          Then you have something to feel real proud of. Anyone who gives their cartaliban a hard time with facts get the boot. If you corner Mark Coward, your thread gets deleted and you get the boot. The only reason you are gone is that you interfered with the agenda of blowing smoke at everyone, so to speak.

          Forget about that mark c guy. No one takes him seriously. There have even been rumors that he was on the cart payroll. Would that make him a paid hack? or a ......never mind, can't use that word here.

          I'm pretty sure no one else thinks this guy has any journalistic integrity. I'm convinced he doesn't have any other kind either.

          Have a good laugh over this. In two weeks time, you'll have been around the net and found a couple of dozen sites more interesting than the AR-1 cesspool. It's just a nasty one-sided propaganda mouthpiece. Just start calling the place cartpuppet1.com, because that's what most people think the guy is.
          I'm dead now.


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            Jacoby you won't miss much I'm sure!


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              I have a simple question. Why is it wrong that the IRL cars are easier to drive?
              IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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                shouldn't that be a good thing?
                IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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                  Hello all. Yeah, I also went to war over the locking of 220mph's very reasonable thread. But I did it via PMs with the board operator, Mark (not MarkC). It's a joke over there, with MarkC and his groupies.

                  I think MarkC wanted cart-cheerleading.com, but couldn't spell it when he went to register the domain. The fallacy of autoracing1 is so lame, when he only bashes any other type of motorsport in order to make himself feel better about his series.

                  Came over here after a PM exchange with 220mph over the sitch over there. Hi Austin!


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                    Great to see P-1 Senna here. Please say hi to all my great friends at AR-1 that I sadly had to leave behind. And Andi and Chica. They were really cool.

                    Yes, AR-1 has really hit the skids. At first, it was just funny, but as cart's self-inflicted woes got worse and worse, the site became more and more paraniod, biased and unfair. I'm glad I'm out of there. they did me a real favor. I was so loyal to that site and the mods (besides cartpuppet) that I never even looked around for another site. Now that I've found this one (and another sportscar site), I'm pretty happy.
                    I'm dead now.


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                      I'd like to meet the people who take MarkC seriously... both of them.


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                        Originally posted by JoeBob:
                        <STRONG>I'd like to meet the people who take MarkC seriously... both of them.</STRONG>
                        Besides mark C himself, who is the other guy?
                        I'm dead now.


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                          I may have to go over there and kick some arse.

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                            To quote what i wrote on another thread, why don't we take this thread and move it to the O/T or feedback forums and talk IRL racing here? Thanks!
                            SENسR MODERATOR......

                            "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
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                              Actually, there's three people . . .

                              Me, myself and I

                              Sorry about your gettin' booted Jacoby, didn't mean to get anyone else involved. Just in this case there was such direct evidence . . .

                              The offending "news" story is gone. If MarkC really believed what he wrote, as he told you, wouldn't it still be there?


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