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Heard on the radio here in So Cal

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  • Heard on the radio here in So Cal

    a spot - with the announcer using the cliched "SUNDAY, SUNDAY SUNDAY" type voice - pumping the appearance at Ontario Mills Mall (huge shopping center near Calif Spdwy) of "Indy Racing Legends Eddie Cheever, Tom Scheckter and Alberto Salazar!"

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    "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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      I assume Alberto is only doing the first 26 miles 385 yards?


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        Ontario Mills Mall (huge shopping center near Calif Spdwy)

        "huge" doesn't do that place justice.

        We were waiting out the rain at Dave and Buster's (a huge sports bar) a year or two ago and decided to take a walk through the mall. Miles and hours later we crawled back into D&B's begging for beer and a place to rest our tired feet.

        During raceweekends they sometime restrict access to and from the mall parking lots so beware of getting stuck there if you need to make a transportation hookup in a timely manner.
        "Living well is the best revenge"

        George Herbert


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          It just figures....I move from CT to CA and the IRL races at Loudon...I move from CA to CT and the IRL goes to Fontana....and form where I was/am living I am within three hours of both tracks! UGH!

          ps. Ontartio Mills is HUGE! Wasn't it built where the Speedway was? or was it Riverside? And I wouldn't mind meeting Alberto rather than Eliseo, I could use the tips making the 26.2 (I got another month til mine).


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            Ontario Mills sits near to where Ontario Motor Speedway used to be (and on the opposite side of the street).


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