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Coming To Gateway? - A Saturday Night Idea...

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  • Coming To Gateway? - A Saturday Night Idea...

    USAC midgets on the 1/2 mile dirt at Tri-City. Wente says they are expecting about 30-35 cars, should be a good show.
    "...American open-wheel racing is based around the most famous oval track in the world -- the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So how in the world does it make sense to center the majority of the IndyCar Series on street courses, road courses and foreign events?..." Terry Blount, ESPN

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    I'm going!!


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      Me too!


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        That's a nice track for the midgets. If they water it, or the weather cooperates, it could be great.


        Gateway and Tri-City are on the same road. Just head north on 203 from Gateway, and you'll drive right past Tri-City in about 20 minutes.
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          anybody know what time things get started?


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            I should be going with a ride from rrrr.


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              Hi all,
              I am the race director at Tri City Speedway. If you can make it up to the races tonight, you will not be disappointed. Our track prep crew is the best I have ever seen. We are very proud of their "lighning fast" tacky track surfaces. Jeff Gordon holds the track record of 22.209, I expect that will not hold tonight! Hot laps are at 6:30.
              I would really enjoy meeting every one of my TF friends tonight. After the races I will be hanging near the concession stands, come by and say hi.
              "Bronco" Billy Molkenbur

              [ August 24, 2002: Message edited by: BroncoBilly84 ]


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                So, has anyone got a follow-up report?


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                  Wow, what s show. The track conditions during qualifying were perfect. Sarah McCune set quick time with a track record 20.6, Aaron Fike was second quick with a 20.8.

                  The racing was good all night. I was in the pits helping out on the 69 and the 32, happy to report I still have not been fired from my job as gofer recruit 3rd Class. Aaron won his heat after AJ blew a RR tire and crashed. The guys got the car fixed and AJ won the B main.

                  The feature was a good race, JJ Yeley had it hand most of the way. There was good action all through the pack. Tyce Carlson showed up and took a run in Donny Lehmann's backup car. He shook off the rust pretty quickly and looked good. Donny had problems with his car so Tyce had to switch with him. Nice seeing you in a car again, Tyce.

                  Sorry this isn't a better report but I missed some of the heats and was really watching the Fikes mostly.

                  Tri City is a great facility. The concessions were reasonably priced, the racing surface was expertly prepared and there was a large crowd. I had a blast. Thanks, Billy. See ya next year!


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                    You can say that again, rrrr.

                    Sorry I missed it.
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