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Anybody see RPM2Nite?

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  • Anybody see RPM2Nite?

    Was there any TITW footage from Phoenix? It's being re-broadcast at 12:00 midnight eastern time.

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    There wasn't enough to make it worthwhile,IMO.There was no news from the afternoon session.
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      They have given a wrap up piece each nite but hardly any footage of cars on the track or interviews with some of the new teams.

      Maybe they have taped something and will use bits of it over several different shows to get IRL pieces on when not much is going on?
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        They show NASCAR footage when there is no news.
        Is it May yet?
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          I'm going to cut 'em some slack this week because of Daytona. That said, however, whoever is running that show needs to take the following quiz:

          1. Which open wheel series does ESPN and ABC have a contractual obligation to carry and be partnered to?

          That's right...the IRL.

          2. Do any ethical issues exist by employing a paid Troyron employee as a commentator for other open wheel series?

          Look to you conscience.

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            They had a bunch of info on Team Kool Green - Paul Tracy looked like he lost a lot of weight. Dario said that growing up, the Indy 500 wasn't a very big deal, but he's looking forward to it. He says he'll go to Paul and Michael for advice. (Apparently, he didn't watch the 500 very often either )


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