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OT - Dave Blaney buys Sharon Speedway...

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  • OT - Dave Blaney buys Sharon Speedway...

    "Driver Dave Blaney has become the owner of historic Sharon (Pa.) Speedway, the hometown track for Blaney's family and one of the oldest continuously running weekly tracks in the country.

    Blaney purchased the track, which began competition in 1929, with father, Lou - who is still a regular competitor at the track - and a group of local investors last month.

    The Blaneys have begun work on a wide range of improvements to the track, including a change in track length (to 3/8-mile) and width (90-feet) as well as an upgraded racing surface, plus a new 5,000-seat grandstand/concourse on the facility's backstretch. " From Thatsracing.com
    "These guys generate some serious horsepower," Wallace said. "I wouldn't get out of an electric chair to get in one of these things."


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    Form what I hear Tommy, Dale is going to tun the day to day operations as well so it will really be a family operation. The families business (lumber?)is just down the road from Sharon so they have been involved in the community for some time.

    I also hear that they are not going to tear down the old Fairgrounds style covered seats which will now be on the backstretch. That is cool. I hope they restore this area and make it a family section as this is one of the neatest oldtime tracks around.

    Sadly though, the Outlaws are going to be coming to Sharon and replacing the All Stars. While the big money is in the Outlaws, the better racing is seen in the All Stars.

    With any luck somebody in USAC will take advantage of the situation and bring some wingless shows a little further east! Remember Dave was a pretty darn good Silver Crown driver winning a Championship in the eighties I believe.
    Dan Schlosser
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    "Count all your blessings, just don't keep score...."
    Mark "Hoot" Marchetti


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      Originally posted by gofastturnleft:
      <STRONG>Remember Dave was a pretty darn good Silver Crown driver winning a Championship in the eighties I believe.</STRONG>
      "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice


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        Good to see the Blaney family continue to put their resources back into the sport. This track just went on my "hope to visit there" list for the future.

        Professor Joe
        Lost in Indy

        "So many of these guys know how to preserve their tires, how to handle traffic and how to win a race. They really deserve to be in Indy cars." - Bob East


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