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Cavin Interviews Jason Priestly

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  • Cavin Interviews Jason Priestly

    Link to Article

    From the Article:
    "I know it was a big one (crash) and there were some bad things that happened," said Priestley, whose condition at the scene drew the IRL's highest medical alert. "But the most important thing is that I focus on getting better so I can go home.

    "I have to keep my eye on the prize."
    Priestley, who this summer put his acting career on hold to concentrate on racing, said he will evaluate his high-speed hobby when he recovers.

    "I want to get healthy and see how my feet work before I decide," he said
    More light into the injuries he had/has it is truely amazing that he is alive and I wish him the best.
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    Great update, and a great tribute to everyone from the guy who helped design the car to the sarety crew.


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      Nice work by Cavin also.

      Interesting to note the he is the only reporter I'm aware of allowed to visit Priestly.

      Nice to see the vultures (Entertainment Reporters) are being kept at bay.
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        Am I the only guy who hasn't quit drinking in the last six months?
        I'll see YOU at the races!


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          No. I still suck down a few most days.


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            So the previous reports from other media sources in the past few weeks are false? 'He will decide his future after his recovery'. Sounds reasonable and what is expected. Not to sound insensitive, maybe if he would have been in an IRL car he would have been able to avoid the severity of the crash. If Renna has been racing in the IRL the last few races, then maybe Jason was capable of racing in the IRL? Makes me wonder if he's better than what people thought...


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              Good article from the star.
              I wish Jason a speedy recovery.
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                Ok, what am I missing here? Where is the "interview"? Two short quote do not make an interview.

                I was expecting an exchange of questions and answers.

                Is the media's focus on the IRL now going to mention alcohol in every story? :mad:

                Talk about milking a story for more than is there.

                Good to know Jason is making good progress and not making rash decisions. Maybe I expect too much from a "first exclusive" interview.Maybe the future interviews will be more in-depth as he gets stonger. Good news about his progressing recovery.
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                  "I have to keep my eye on the prize."

                  JP, you have my respect, encouragement, and admiration.
                  "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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                    For those who are interested, there is a picture of Jason at the Kelley web site

                    Get well soon


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                      I'll bet he will be back in IPS. Now that he sees a recovery in sight, he will want that high speed rush again.


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