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A senior moment-and a Sarah non-sighting

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  • A senior moment-and a Sarah non-sighting

    My Dad (King) an infrequent poster to this site and my Mom were out to dinner recently at an Indy restaurant after touring the IMS road course in their car. They were checking out the couples food next to them to see if it looked like they would like it. They noticed the guy was eating Prawns. After the other couple had left the waitress came up to them and said, "can you believe it? That was Sarah Fisher!" I didnt realize it until I looked at the credit card" My parents were shocked as they both are big Fisher fans, as am I. They had only noticed the food that they were eating. They felt terrible but I could not help laughing. And hey, she picked up the check. So the next time you see James Koepfer aka King on the site, make sure you rib him alittle.
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    It's all about the food, baby. I'd have
    done the same thing: I think.
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    With truth so far off what good would it do?"

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      I was having a Longs donut this year in the garage area at Indy and Mrs. Dario Judd passed by and I didn't know it untill it was pointed out by a team mate of mine
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        They weren't eating tenderloins??



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          Originally posted by dog-ring:
          <STRONG>I didn't know</STRONG>
          But you know she was checking you out thinking "Why can't my man eat doughnuts like that?"


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            Originally posted by Cant_hit_apex:

            But you know she was checking you out thinking "Why can't my man eat doughnuts like that?"</STRONG>
            Have a very blessed day!


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              I walked right past Tony George at the State Fair and didn't know it until my wife told me.


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                Blastphomy is not eating the whole tenderloin.

                And don't tell me you were trying to keep your girlish figure either.
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                What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...


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