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OT: Mazda Miata

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  • OT: Mazda Miata

    I am very excited. I used to drive 2 seaters before I got married. We have a 2 year old child now and she's in a front facing carseat. I also have a Nissan Altima, but today, I went back to my roots and bought a 1999 Madza Miata.

    I'm like a kid with a new toy. I was wondering though, from the standpoint of one who might know more about Miata's than I do, is this a good car? It seems to be in superb shape. Runs like a top and drives smooth. The 5-speed tranny is crisp and has precice throws. I'm in love with this car but can someone help me out as far as experience or knowlege of the Miatas?

    I appreciate it. Thanks!
    Rick Ravon aka "SAVATS"

    Driver of the #1 Gould Charge Indycar in Sim Racing

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    I had a 1990 Miata for a little over 6 years. It was an excellent car. No problems of any kind, and regular maintenance was cheap. It handled great, and power was adequate. There is also extensive aftermarket parts and merchandise for the gen 1 and gen 2 cars. One thing you might look into are cordura bags fitted to the rear parcel shelf. Given the modest trunk space, I found those bags invaluable for weekend trips.


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      Most fun car I've ever driven. I wish I owned one.I've talked to a number of owners and they all said the cars were bulletproof.I've never seen a rusty Miata and that's saying something for this area.

      Your wife is going to wonder why you're smiling so much.Enjoy.
      Proud to be a complainer.


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        Try this link: http://auto.consumerguide.com/auto/u...fm/id/2065.htm

        The review is a '99 model, but the 2000 wasn't all that different. We will have the 2000 review up in a few months. Should be just about anything you need to know.


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          Miatas are fun and bulletproof. There were some isolated bearing issues with the #4 cylinder in '99, but you would know by now if the car had that problem; it developed early. I'm sure it's OK if the car runs smoothly.

          '99 was the first M2, and a great car.

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            Welcome to the club!!!!

            I have a 94' Red Miata with a Hard Dog Double D(Rollcage that is) Yokahama Parada's with nice wide 16 inch wheels, Racing Beat air intake and Sways, Freedom shock tower brace, Flying Miata springs and AGX 8 way adjustable shocks....Fun Fun Fun Fun!!!!! ....And a Turbo kit ready to be installed(when I get the time).

            The greatest thing is the cool parts are so affordable!!!..as is the insurance(trust me, I used to own a Viper)

            Go to www.miata.net It's the place where all the Miata folks hang out.

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              I liked the 10 year annicersary edition with the badging on the side, hardshell top and the Bose system. That was a phat car!


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                Mazda = Japanese Ford
                Ford = final supplier of CART
                final supplier of CART = enemy of IRL


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                  Originally posted by SamC:
                  <STRONG>Mazda = Japanese Ford
                  Ford = final supplier of CART
                  final supplier of CART = enemy of IRL</STRONG>

                  Better get rid of that thing and buy an MR2 or the little Honda (S2000?).
                  "Now, for some of you it doesn't matter. You were born rich and your going to stay rich. But here's my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down." -- Edward Blume


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                    The Miata is the car that the MGB, TR6, Fiat Spyder, etc. always dreamed of being. Look on ebay - you'll find '90 and '91 models with 200K miles from time to time, and they still look good and run. I've looked for one with a bad engine, because there is a company that sells a swap kit to put a 5.0 Ford V8 in them. I haven't found one yet, which should tell you something. Put the top down, bang the gears, and have fun.
                    "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice


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                      Such a great car, but not made for full grown folks. At 6'5" and 210 lbs., I tried my best to adjust the seat and was still looking over the windshield. Note to Japanese manufacturers: Many Americans wear XL.
                      All rides are bought. But occasionally the currency is talent.


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                        I'd take an S2000 anyday over a Miata. Any sane person would, provided they're prepared to pony up the extra $$$ to do so.
                        "But another icy Indiana winter will come and go and before we know it, springtime returns and it will be May and the roar of engines will once again breathe life into the lazy Hoosier sky and bring us back together." -- Sid Collins


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                          really zenman , you like to rev the motor to 8K around town on a regular basis?

                          from what I hear the s2000 isn't much unless you're really pushing it.

                          I 've got a 2001 special edition miata the 'british racing green' version with the wood steering wheel, trim etc.

                          looks like a little jaguar, at least that's how I like to think of it

                          it is a tight cockpit, with a 32inch inseam my seat is all the way back so I can't recline as much as I'd like, but you should be sitting up and paying attention driving a car like this anyway.

                          overall I love the car. no problems after 6K miles.

                          at the f1 race last year, sitting around the table at bennigans, my friends talked me into getting one.

                          for under 30K you won't have any more fun.

                          i personally like what's happened with the m2.5(the 2001 and newer) the front fascia with the fog lights it looks great.

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                          It's a brand new day.


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                            and if driving a miata makes me an enemy of the irl so be it

                            I m also a fan of jaguar's f1 team.
                            It's a brand new day.


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                              I have to take a moment here to brag on my daily driver, a '93 Mazda MX3GS, with the V-6. What a great car, I only have 97,000 miles on it but is is rock solid, all I need is upholstery work, the paint is near perfect. The car handles better then any car I ever owned, I have had some great performance cars, and a few crapwagons too.


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