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What CART driver would create the most headlines...

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  • What CART driver would create the most headlines...

    ON and off the track if he jumped leagues?

    Besides Michael Andretti.(Done deal) Christian (NASCAR bound) and Franchetti (2-cents already spent)

    Is there another driver that would make the press or race fans sit up and take notice?

    Get fans to buy their first IRL ticket?

    Cristiano da Matta
    Alex Tagliani
    Bruno Junqueira
    Tony Kanaan
    Jimmy Vasser
    Patrick Carpentier
    Mario Dominguez
    Michel Jourdain Jr
    Shinji Nakano
    Paul Tracy
    Kenny Brack
    Toranosuke Takagi
    Oriol Servia
    Scott Dixon
    Adrian Fernandez

    For me there is only Tracy that would turn heads. da Matta could on the track only. Vasser, only because he's an American. Carpentier and Tagliani would be runners up on the talent part.
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    In that order.

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      Who cares?
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        Anyone except Tracy and DaMatta. Yea, I know a few here will say they speak their minds and such, but it's that blabbering that's put another log on the fire of carts destruction. Last thing I would like to see in the IRL is drivers CONTINUOUSLY talking trash about other series.

        Tony Kanaan, Bruno, and Kenny are my picks.
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          There are over 60,000 season ticket holders at TMS that might have an opinion.


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            Welcome to the hot seat - I asked a simular question and it wasn't pretty

            Remember thes are the "STARS" who went supernova - very bright just before they burned out.

            Out of the list of "Chase Around Race Track" drivers you have given, let me think, - dangerous situation - let's see there's - no he already joined; um there's - nah "Who need Milk?" And there's ----- you know I can't really think of ONE, let alone more, that matter. They made their choice years ago - now they have to live with it!
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              Brack - Indy 500 Champ, he should come home.
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                Step has the right one.


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                  If Michael Andretti were to actually drive the whole season, not just 1-3 races it might make a small difference. Paul Tracy has some name recognition (as being a whiner).

                  Kenny Brack was the former league champ, and Indy 500 winner, but I don't think he would really cause a jump at the box office or TV. I'd like to see him back, but he won't be a big shot in the arm.

                  So none of these guys above are going to make any real difference. Nor are the numerous sprint and midget drivers we read about in TF on a daily basis.

                  Its interesting,early on when the IRL ran here in Atlanta, Tony Stewart was one of the competitors. As far as I could tell, no one noticed or cared. A few years later he shows up in Nascar and everyone noticed. He's now a household name.

                  In the end, it seems to me far more important now to grow names and keep drivers (say Sam, Helio and Sarah). Do that, and eventually, everything else will take care of itself.


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                    Originally posted by Grinder-Tank:

                    Tony Kanaan, Bruno, and Kenny are my picks.</STRONG>
                    I would say that would be a good bet. Although I figured Bruno would stay on the CART arm of Ganassi's teams.
                    Man to Man is so unjust... there's no Man you can Trust.


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                      The driver that would create the most headlines seems obvious to me. Especially after the controversy at Indy this year.
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                        Love him or hate him, Tracy would bring a sense of controversy and buzz that the IRL has yet to experience. For IRL fans, PT is the villain to root against. For CART fans, PT is their hero. Either way, people would watch.

                        I'd also like to see Kanaan too.
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                          Paul Newman (even if he's not a driver) by a large margin.

                          Don't think it is gonna happen though.

                          [ August 20, 2002: Message edited by: Grover ]


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                            To answer the question,,,,, as asked,,,, I hope it don't happen,,, but he asked it this way...


                            What I could stand or like to see:

                            Kenny Brack
                            Scott Dixon
                            Bruno Junqueira
                            Tony Kanaan

                            I think I like Tony the best,,, and screw that midget... But he has pretty good car control... Have to put blocks on the peddles,,, and a cork in his mouth,,, if he come's over... Hope he get's a job in the circus...

                            I don't always pick my favorite's,,, by track performance any more... I did with AJ, Tony Bettenhousen,, DaTiger,,,Jeffie,,,, and "Hey Newman".... And I still like the "Little Tike",,,after I said all the nasty thing's about her.... Hope for a Safe Race this weekend'''
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                              If you mean among the 1,000 or so inhabitants of TF and 7G, the answer is Tracy.

                              If you mean among mainstream motorsports fans, none of 'em. Mainstream buzz and openwheel racing said "bye-bye" along time ago....
                              "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice


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