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New Teams in IRL in 2003

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  • New Teams in IRL in 2003

    Any updated, unofficial list of the new teams for next year or current teams in other series that may be IRL bound in 2003?
    Input appreciated. Heard rumors about Andretti, but who else?

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    Andretti team isnt really a new team but an old cart team if they come to the IRL.

    I have heard of a new team forming but that is all i have heard.


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      Two Possibles plus rumors of additional cars. I hear Regier may have found a ride for next year and Davey Hamilton should be back. Rumors!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!!!
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        There will be dozens of new teams announcing that they are coming to the IRL in 2003. When you can post some news about a sponsor connected to any new team announcing that they are coming to the IRL in 2003 we can all pay attention. Otherwise,
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          Satellite perhaps? Whaddya say, satman? You'd be a TF favorite, that's for sure! Especially if you could put Jimmy back into an Indy car full-time!

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