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Eliseo Salazar 4th in 2001 (...In Chile)

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  • Eliseo Salazar 4th in 2001 (...In Chile)

    According to Collect Business Investments Salazar is 4th in the Chilean popularity in the 2001!!!despite his bad season with Foyt (Only a 5th place in the Championship)

    Simpaty (67%)
    Credibility (63%)

    Chilean People who asociated Eliseo to a sponsor:

    50% Nobody (Only Eliseo)
    20% CRISTAL (Count me!!)
    15% AutoPlaza (a CarMall)

    "Otro deportista top es Eliseo Salazar, quien en estos momentos es figura contratada de Malls Plaza, para su producto Auto Plaza, y de Cerveza Cristal. Ademلs, Salazar ha sido figura del Banco Edwards y de El Mercurio".

    Aunque el monto de sus contratos son un real misterio, no sucede asي con la imagen que proyecta en el pْblico. De acuerdo a Collect, el corredor ocupa el cuarto lugar en cuanto a simpatيa (67%) y el quinto en credibilidad (63%).

    No obstante, y aunque Cristal tiene una campaٌa en el aire que promociona un concurso para acompaٌar al deportista a una vuelta en Estados Unidos, y Auto Plaza continْa con su promociَn, el 50% de los entrevistados no lo asocia a marca alguna, y sَlo un 20% lo vincula a Cristal y un 15% a Auto Plaza.

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    Does Chile receive all IRL races live?


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      I thought that Eliseo had a pretty good season.

      5th in the Championship is pretty good, and I bet he would have won at Richmond if Cheever didn't try to pass him when he was no where near close enough to make a pass!


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        But Chile a 5th is a terrible thing...
        Chile is tired of not being able to see Eliseo win a race (Since 1997), and in a team doted with the best equiptment...(Many problems with Foyt here)

        In a Chilean interview to Foyt for Chile, he promise more than a 5th place, best things than the 4th of the 2000 season, only counting Eliseo as the driver, etc., etc.


        Yes, Chile receive all IRL races live!!!since 1995, in the Second and more popular channel (Canal 13).

        Chile send exclusive comentarists to US and got interesting Eliseo interviews...

        In the next week in Chile, we have a TV Special Of Eliseo. 1 Hour of only Eliseo and Foyt translated comments...

        pd:1996, was aired by National Television (Television Nacional) that is the more important channel.

        [ February 20, 2002: Message edited by: CRISTAL FAN ]


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          I think I read a story somewhere about a reporter from Chile who travels from Chile to every Indy Car race to cover Eliseo.

          That would be a lot of flying!!!!


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            I try to explain here in Chile, that a 5th and 4th place in the 2001-00 seasons are great, but all are disapointment...

            Remember, Eliseo is a National Hero, he is the best of Chilean history racing..(a live legend!!)

            Maybe Salazar VI (Salazar's son) can give to Chile new emotions, but in 20 years more...


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              For that reason, is shocking for me to see in this forum how the US people dont like Eliseo...and they still comparing he to Marco Greco!!!

              [ February 20, 2002: Message edited by: CRISTAL FAN ]


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                Here is the story I was thinking of about the reporter:


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                  Yes!!, Pavlovic shouts verde, verde, verde (green,g reen, green) in every race...(I have all the race tapes saved!!)


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                    If AJ would just quit using Roush boat anchors for engines........
                    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?


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                      Sometimes Jorge Koechlin of ESPN Latinoamérica (the best comentarist of CART) Join with the Chilean TV, and aired strong comment races.

                      I cross my fingers that Jorge comment the IRL this year in the ESPN. In latinamerica only CART can I see in ESPN. But CART is out of this US channel and all Chile is happy…Only 1995 can I see Eliseo in ESPN.

                      This year I can see the IRL by Channel 13 & ESPN Latinamerica…(I can see every race twice!!)


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                        Don't Worry StatMan.
                        All my country still cross fingers...for the best Foyt's configuration (Engine/Chassis)

                        And I hope, That Rousch fly out...

                        In other hand, Buddy Lazier is famous in Chile right now for his hards setups and driving, there are some big fans of he.


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