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Simpson & Lopes on Wednesday's "Inside Racing"

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    Not bad guests, eh?

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  • Simpson & Lopes on Wednesday's "Inside Racing"

    Just confirmed that Bill Simpson and John Lopes will be my guests for next week's "Inside Racing" radio show.

    STAY TUNED...When I talked with Bill today he said that there would be some BIG, BIG, BIG things happening to/with/around him this Tuesday - he should have a lot to talk about. He told me last Memorial Day what he was planning on doing - I don't know if he's following through on that plan, or announcing a new business venture - it will be interesting, either way. Heck, just the fact that Bill will be talking with us 5 days before the Daytona 500 LIVE and not from Daytona is going to make it fun and interesting.

    Also, John Lopes - you remember him, don't you? Former IRL guy who is now in charge of CART's racing operations (and who made the cut when many didn't during the recent Pook takeover) - he'll have some interesting insights as well after this week's CART Preview sessions and recent BoD meeting at Laguna.

    I'm hoping to also convince Davey Hamilton to appear, but he's still in the hospital recovering from some recent surgery he had Wednesday (hopefully his last! - surgery was to clean up some rough edges from all of the previous surgeries and will keep him in a wheelchair for 4-6 weeks, I'm told) and won't be out until maybe tomorrow. He gets around pretty good in that wheelchair, so he might feel up to being on the show with his buddy Simpson. I'm going to try to reach him over the weekend.

    We had a great time last week with Sarah and Carnegie - for everyone who missed it, hope you can make it this week. Get there early - Union Jack Pub is filling up quickly for these shows. And yes, we got all of our audio problems in house fixed and there's no feedback at all anymore (startup glitches that I'm REALLY glad are over).

    Still no word on a webcast of the show. I REALLY hope we are up and running on the Internet by this week as I know these guests will have some great things to say. I'll post here when I know it's available on the 'Net.

    For everyone who did show up last week, it was great to see all of you there and I loved meeting all of you in person. I really appreciate the support. You have no idea how much I appreciate the support.


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