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Looking forward: ...most powerful wave of good news for Indy car racing...

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  • Looking forward: ...most powerful wave of good news for Indy car racing...

    by gordonkirby

    The final two months of last year witnessed the most powerful wave of good news for Indy car racing we've seen in many years. It started with Chevrolet's announcement in November that it will return to Indy car racing in 2012 as an engine supplier in partnership with Ilmor and an 'aero kit' builder too. A few days later Lotus also announced 2012 engine and 'aero kit' programs and in early December Roger Penske's team announced a slew of new sponsors as Shell/Pennzoil, IZOD, Meijer and Auto Club of America join Verizon with Team Penske's three-car operation.

    Penske's sponsorship blockbuster was followed by Panther Racing announcing that 2009 Indy Lights champion JR Hildebrand will drive Panther's National Guard car this year. Hildebrand, 23 on January 3rd, is a home-brewed talent who has shown his stuff in the lower formula. Hildebrand won the Formula Russell championship in 2004 and the FF2000 title in '06 before moving into Indy Lights. Replacing 2005 Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon was a tough choice for John Barnes but he's made a good move with Hildebrand--good for the team, sponsor and the sport overall.

    A few days later, just before Christmas, Chip Ganassi announced he's created a new two-car team for a pair of promising young Americans, Graham Rahal and Charlie Kimball. Service Central/NovoNordisk Chip Ganassi Racing will run Rahal and Kimball out of drag racer Don Prudhomme's shop in nearby Brownsburg. Ganassi's new team will operate at the races beside the existing championship-defending Target/CGR team with everyone sharing information so Rahal and Kimball should have every opportunity to run at or near the front.

    Gordon Kirby -- journalist/author autoracing, US editor Motor Sport magazine & webwriter motorsportmagazine.co.ukk



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    I think that the IICS did it the right way. Allow what the engines manufacturers want to make as well as make room for the "future" of smaller engines. F1 will be a lot of fun that first year with those little motors blowing up in spectacular fashion.
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      The biggest boost to the series was getting rid of George along with his ineptitude
      and pizz everyone off attitude.
      Finally we have a guy who seems to be putting a number of things back on track.
      Support and interest are returning hopefully providing more teams the means to be able
      to turn up the wick and provide stronger competition.
      Should really work on getting TGBB out of the picture. He appears to be the last weak
      link standing
      Dale Manus


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        yeh it made me cringe knowing TGBB stepped up and was yapping away at the press conference yesterday- enuf already!

        he had plenty of time at the organization to get things right and rarely showed any brilliance
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          Interesting that all of the good vibes were started by Tony George. Unification,IZOD,APEX Brasil,Versus/Comcast=NBC,New Engines and Cars were all started if not completed before Randy Bernard took over.BTW, I think he is doing a great job.


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            New Engines and Cars were all started if not completed before Randy Bernard took over
            Uhh no they were not. There was talk of a new car, but no action. Randy organized the Iconic board and got the ball rolling.. Certainly Unification, IZOD, APEX Brazil and Versus predate Randy.
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              Tara, have enjoyed your posts from past.I mentioned engines and cars last for a reason.They were started but not completed.Tony George was a big supporter of the DeltaWing and had started the ball rolling on engines and cars.Belkus,Bernard, and Angstadt closed those deals up. I was a proponent of the DeltaWing but also like the direction they did take.


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                TGBB, DP-01, Mindy...whazzzzz-UP

                will the lameness never die? seems like even Kirby's over it....
                the man in expensive shoes


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