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Ganassi Junior Team??

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  • Ganassi Junior Team??

    Autosport hardcopy in the UK is reporting that Chip Ganassi is not interested in expanding past a two car team, but has said that he is interested in a junior team, to develop talent for 3 to 4 years down the road.

    This would kind of make sense, not a fully fledged equal car with TCGR because it hasn't got the full funding to meet Targets level of funding. Plus Chip has done something similiar before with the Alex Lloyd/Townsend Bell Sam Schmitt set up.

    Car prepped by TCGR and run by semi autonomus team part or fully owned by Chip. Could this be the team for Graham Rahal?

    Anybody heard anything?

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    It's a nice fantasy but for someone who hasn't put up the money and effort for a FIL team hardly practical. This junior team wouldn't be that much cheaper than a full fledged effort. The savings are on engineering and driver salaries but the crew, equipment, shop space, travel are all still there and the likelyhood of winning is way down so less prize money. How exactly does it make sense? Even training the drivers, if one shows real talent how long can Chip afford to pay him for the junior effort, he can't hide talent, he isn't going to find instant money to move him up unless he moves someone else out so drivers could move on and he could end up developing drivers for other teams.
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      The success and economics of TCGR is in the fact that it serves as a business to business entertainment source for Target and their exclusively shelved product companies. In other words, Target is integral in stablizing a strong budget by reaching out to the Suaves, TomToms, and other Target products to keep Target and their products visible. Sarah Fisher does a smaller version of this for Dollar General.

      To run a second team with half or even less of that commitment so you can develop 2 drivers to aid in the R&D of the main team is not a bad idea. Unfortunately, you are going to have to find a commitment from a smaller retail sponsor looking to do the same B2B formula with their sold product line and have the product line companies buy in to make the thing successful.

      Maybe Service Central caught onto the Target/Dollar General formula and brought on their captive automotive parts wholesale product lines as co-sponsors? Who knows, but I do know this: Chip isn't going to do it unless he has that B2B formula and long term funding in place.


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        It sounds to me that Chip has figured out a way to run a "program." He can't do it under the TCGR banner, but could with a different owner. He leases cars to an owner with a driver bringing sponsorship. They share some data (car prep, quals setup, basic stuff), but the Sam Schmidt car is on it's own come race day. Just take the 500 model to a full season deal.
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          It still does not make sense that Target would allow this to happen if they are so worried about the other stuff. If this other team started finishing better than the Target cars, I could see problems.
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            what, chip and dale aren't teaming up? -cap


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              I didn't know there was a Floyd Jr. -cap

              I guess Chipster has skeletons in his closet too.
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                Ganassi won't have a junior team unless someone's gives him money for it. He doesn't need one, it's pointless for his team. This is not F1 where you need to put young guys under contract to make sure you get them if they turn out really good. ( Like Mclaren - Hamilton, Red Bull - Vettel). Drivers have nowhere to go so Chip can just pick up the phone and call any top driver he wants.

                If anyone of us had a lot of money, or sponsors, We could probably set up a competitive team, on street courses, in no time with the caliber of drivers available out there.
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