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Kevin & Curt's Show on "the Fan" Last Night

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  • Kevin & Curt's Show on "the Fan" Last Night

    Did anyone listen to it?

    From the TSO notice I got in my mailbox, Kanaan was supposed to be on with them talking about what his situation is for next season.

    Did anyone hear it?

    Anything notable about the show?

    Just curious...

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    I heard some of it, plan to listen to the whole podcast today. That being said, it sounded like APEX opened up their Rolodex for TK's team to comb for sponsors. He also said he wasn't going to hold MA to his end of the contract, and they would work something out. He stated they were both caught off guard by the changes. He kept saying he signed a long term deal and passed up other opportunities for a reason and he wished to stay at AA.

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      The most notable thing was Jonathan Summerton saying he was hearing real good things about engine manufacturers for 2012 (he mentioned Jaguar and a couple others, current F1 manufacturers I think) from people he had met. Cavin said he had heard the same things, and that "Randy must have done a heckuva sales job" and that Cotman/Purnell were back in Europe again last week.

      Summerton was pretty confident that there would be manufacturing money coming into the series and that would get things going, and IndyCar is where he wants to be now.

      - ApexBrasil won't sponsor TK, but they are working their contracts hard
      - TK's sister heads one of the biggest marketing agencies in Brazil
      - Trying to work out something at AA first, but if they can't put something together he and Michael will work out a contract buyout

      I thought it was notable than Bryan Clauson was real excited about the possiblity of getting the Indy Lights ride, but also that he wanted to run the full season and learn road course racing to get ready to move up to IndyCar. If GM still wants to come in by 2013 that would make a lot of sense since Clauson is a Chevy driver right now.


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