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First Turn Productions wants to know which do you prefer.

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  • First Turn Productions wants to know which do you prefer.

    This question pertains to the highlight DVD's that we do. We would like to know if you, as a consumer, would rather see more of each event which means fewer events on a DVD production or see less of each event allowing for more events to be covered on a DVD.

    Right now we are putting together our second Midget, Sprint, and champ dirt car highlight DVD, and I have geared it more towards more of each event covered. This means less good racing footage ends up on the cutting room floor. Any footage that ends up there will more than likely never be produced in any upcoming DVD's. For example, As of now, I have put approximately 10 minutes of the 1958 big car race at Williams Grove in the production (There are other 6-10 minute clips from other events in the production as well.). There is a lot of good racing footage in it, and I hate to cut some of it out that will never be added to future DVD's and therefore never seen. However, doing this will mean some events will not make it on this DVD. We only have an hour and forty-five minutes to work with when producing a DVD. The events that do not make it on this DVD will be included in upcoming DVD's.

    Thanks for you participation.

    Brad Edwards

    First Turn Productions LLC.
    More footage of each event and fewer events.
    Less footage of each event and more events.

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    I like more indepth information about the events.
    Speed is Life


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      Personally I would rather see comprehensive coverage of a single event on one DVD or even if enough material is available a two disc set. I can wait for future events until there is enough material to fill a disc. I have plenty of highlight discs and tapes from other producers.


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