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10th Annual PICK 5 Season Championship Awards Banquet!

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  • 10th Annual PICK 5 Season Championship Awards Banquet!

    So another year has drawn to a close and with it, the TrackForum Pick 5 International Sweepstakes. The 10th Annual.

    Enjoy the loins, everyone! They're fresh. I mean, how much fresher can you get? And thanks again to the Mug N Bun for doing the catering and so graciously hosting us. While we do appreciate Aat Groenvelt's offer of hosting this shindig at the lovely Provimi House here in downtown Seymour, Wisconsin, it's just so hard to justify serving anything but tenderloin for this sort of event, right? Right. Nothing whatsoever against veal. Besides, we figured it might hurt attendance.

    So. This is the 10th annual Pick 5. No, really! This is, in fact, the 10th year of this fine madness. In running the finishes for this year, I decided it would be a nice thing to do to honor our past champions, and much to my surprise, I found that it did go all the way back to 2001. Some folk would call those the "good old days"...(insert smiley here)...but anyway, before we publically reveal the complete 2010 rundown, let us honor our past players and Champions, starting with:

    Series Commissioner: rev-ed
    2001 Co-Champions: 4aljunior and jkg (66 points)
    2nd: joe (60 points)
    3rd: rev-ed (57 points)

    Series Commissioner: rev-ed
    2002 Champion: IndyIRLman (83 points)
    2nd: 4aljunior (81 points)
    3rd: StatMan (74 points)

    Series Commissioner: rev-ed
    2003 Champion: IndyIRLman (104 points)
    2nd: skepticmax (96 points)
    3rd: Will O'Hargan (91 points)

    Series Commissioner: rev-ed
    2004 Champion: boomer (83 points)
    2nd: 4aljunior (81 points)
    3rd: StatMan (74 points)

    Now, a little history: at this point, the good Rev decided he'd had enough of the Pick 5 stuff and that perhaps it was time to pass the torch to an enthusiastic your apprentice, someone who would respect the Office of Commissioner of the Pick 5 and keep it Holy. That sort of a person being more-or-less unavailable, Rev picked the first person he saw standing in line at the Tenderloin stand and offered him the job. That person, was, of course, me.

    Little did either of us know that the next year would be so...well, unusual. I started the season in the crash house and Rev had to run the first several races. I finally took over midseason and finished it all...

    Series Commissioners: rev-ed and Jamski
    2005 Champion: Mrs. Ratso (116 points)
    2nd: Martyj (105 points)
    3rd: I-74 (95 points)

    Series Commissioner: Jamski
    2006 Champion: Chitownfan (117 points)
    2nd: macman (115 points)
    3rd: Otto (115 points)

    Series Commissioner: Jamski
    2007 Champion: Alley Cat (125 points)
    2nd: texacostar05 (121 points)
    3rd: DamonG19 (119 points)

    Series Commissioner: Jamski
    2008 Champion: Texbigdog1 (138 points)
    2nd: stockblock (136 points)
    3rd: boomer (136 points)

    Series Commissioner: Jamski
    2009 Champion: colognecapri (148 points)
    2nd: 4aljunior (144 points)
    3rd: midtown (144 points)

    And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for.

    Just a few more moments, got to get my notes straight.

    All right, I think I'm ready now. Drum roll, please...

    in 3rd place, with a final tally of 114 points...

    Congratulations Wahoo! A most consistent season, your two lowest finishes were of 3 points apiece, more than quite a few folks managed all year! Your heroic efforts having thus been recognized, we'll be expecting that check in the mail anytime now, hmm? Please it out to C.ASH. Thank you.

    in 2nd place, with 116 points...

    Congratulations Tree! A tree-rific effort, with no fewer than three double-digit point tallies helping to lift you to that second spot on the podium. Remember, negitiable securities make excellent gifts! Thank you.

    And now, heapin-helpins of major big-ups to our 2010 Season Champ...

    You know him, you love him, you sure do hope it's a him or this intro is patently useless...

    He was your 2007 Champ as well, and thus becomes only the second person in TrackForum History to snag two Pick 5 Crowns...

    and by now, you've undoutedly realized that we're referring to the inimitable

    Alley Cat!

    Thanks, 'Cat, for gracing us with your presence again in the Pick 5, and we hope you'll come back next year to try and become the first-ever three time winner. Remember, extra parachutes may well be necessary when accomplishing that airdrop...gold bullion is mighty heavy, and our roof still needs repair from the last few payments. Thanks!

    Soooooooooo...that's it! The 2010 Pickin' Season is officially history. Thanks again to everyone for playing...without you, I would just be another race fan pecking away at a keyboard every weekend during race season. Oh wait...never mind.

    Till 2011 then, and the 11th Annual Pick 5 International Sweepstakes...

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    congrats to yall. I tied for 5th in my first time playing ever, so Im happy about that. btw, thanks for putting this on. It adds extra fun in watching the races.


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      Congrats to those who did well. Big thanks for putting this on Jamski.


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        Congrats to Alley Cat, Tree0404 and IndyWahoo6 on the top 3 spots. I had my best ever finish in the Top 10 at 9th :applause::trophy:

        Could have been higher if it hadn't been for that donut at Texas :,,,,,:

        Can't wait for next year. Thanks Jamski again for all your hard work on the P5
        RIP Dan Wheldon :(

        "Anybody who says the IndyCar Series is not the best championship in the world is a complete idiot in my book." ~Dan Wheldon

        "It's a discussion board, not a society ball." ~Skypigeon


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          Congrats to the podium finishers!

          Big, big thank you to Jamski for running the show.


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            Thanks Jamski for all your hard work.

            You really didn't need the top three thingy though, to he11 with the podium crap, Alley Cat just needed a victory lane.
            "You just don't know what Indy Means", Al Unser Jr.

            "That's why to me it does feel more precious when an American wins it...", Michael Andretti


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              Congrats Alley Cat!!! You have joined me as the only 2-time winner of this event. Pace yourself, the media will mob you for the first couple of months. It was so bad that I had to change my TF handle.

              And a huge thanks to Jamski and the good Rev for running this competition all these years.


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                Steroid use is ruining this sport.


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                  thanks for doing all the legwork




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                    Congrats to the winners!

                    As for me, I'll walk away with pos. 87, and be happy.
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                    • #11
                      Congrats Alley Cat - well played!!

                      Jamski - I'm a bit worried that you have awarded a top-three. It smacks of a "podi*m" which I know is a bad word around here ... hence the *. Couple that with the hint recently that you might consider a ch*se next year and you might just see some protests from the punters.

                      In all seriousness - thanks for your efforts, especially when those Nashville floods had your mind on other things. I hope the clean-up has gone well.


                      • #12
                        I will happily take home 2nd place...and a big thanks to dan wheldon for finishing 2nd at indy, which sure helped a lot.

                        And a big thanks to Jamski for keeping track the whole season.


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                          Thank you for that voodoo that you do so well.

                          My first full season, and I ended up one point shy of a top 25 finish.
                          Not bad...I'll take it.

                          Now into that long off-season....
                          So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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                            Jamski, you did a great job this year as commissioner!
                            Keeping You Alert Since 12-01-2000!


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                              Jamski, thank you for all the hard work you put into this each season. This was my first full season playing it and it was a lot of fun.


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