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How'd You Do In Your IndyCar Fantasy League This Year?

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  • How'd You Do In Your IndyCar Fantasy League This Year?

    For those of us who are part of IndyCar Nation's Fantasy Racing Leagues, how'd you do?

    I was in the league AJ Foyt for President, and finished 2nd in the league (11284 points), despite missing two or three races. It was a distant second, though--I got cute with picking some Conquest Drivers a couple of times, and didn't have any red cars left for Homestead. I was something pathetic like tied for 415th overall.

    Anyone else do the Fantasy Racing thing?
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    I threw away a very strong start at www.indycarfanzone.com with a mid-season slump, then recovered slightly before managing to pick Ed Carpenter at Motegi when he never even made the trip!

    Had not a bad finish, though - and I'll take a top ten.


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      Oops - double post!


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        11518 at The Other Side 2010. Won the league championship by 161 over second place, basically repeated my pick strategy from last year.. piggyback the whole season off of OK drivers or solid top-fives, then go for broke with the title contenders the last few races. Last year I had Briscoe, Dario, Castroneves, Dixon, and Kanaan for Homestead, all their 6th pick of the season for me.. guess where those 5 finished? Didnt enjoy such luck this year in the finale, but still had Dario, Dixon, Briscoe, Kanaan, and Power.. the pick strategy paid off in spades.. too bad they don't credit our DF points though.
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          To my massive astonishment, I won the Dan Wheldon Fans! championship with a total of 12170.

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            With 11721, I won my league "Helio's 4th". I didn't think I did to bad for a first timer. Never played a fantasy sports game in my life until this year.

            Going for the overall title next year. But for now I'll savor this league title.

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