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Off season is a long time.

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  • Off season is a long time.

    What to do? Taladega on the 31st, Snowball Derby on first sunday in December,
    Hawaii in January. And a bunch of work in between. Oh yeah, Tampa Bay sprints on the half mile asphalt Pensacola friday 15 October. The second best race I will attend all year. Just waitin on Indy really.
    I have spent more time here than I did in school.

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      Originally posted by prell5713 View Post
      Just waitin on Indy really.
      Just wating for indy?!?! theres 4 races for the :izod2before that. Its gonna be a great season!
      In the IZOD IndyCar series we're just kids enjoy the thrills in a 200 MPH candy store.


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        Originally posted by fleshwound_NPG View Post

        That followed by this;

        As their regular season comes to an end it will be the start of the IndyCar season.
        ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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          Going to Dolphins/Steelers game in a few weeks with a buddy I see once every few years.
          WoO @ Charlotte plus probably one or two other races somewhere.
          Disney in January or February
          Work work and more work
          Live like Dave


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            Originally posted by indyracefan View Post
            That [NFL] followed by this;


            As their regular season comes to an end it will be the start of the IndyCar season.
            Now imagine a 2011 without either. Scary thought? Maybe... but dream come true for every other sport, including this one...


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              Here's something to do that's racing related:
              I am a fan of the Verizon IndyCar Series, Formula 1, and AMA Supercross. Go Oriol, Seabass, RHR, and J.R.


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                F1, NASCAR and the NFL will see me through. Long time 'till my favourite comes back though. Sigh ... it is too long though.

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                  Tony Johns
                  PopOffValve.com - a greasy tenderloin of IndyCar goodness!
                  "DON'T THINK TRITE!" - The Unions (Miss ya, Earl.)


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                    Finish first semester of college on a high note, watch the last races of NASCAR's Chase, watch "NASCAR's Own Danica Patrick" continue to embarass in Nationwide, wonder who could be de Ferran Dragon's second driver in 2011 if they have one, holidays...
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                    Lionheart and Badass Forever


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                      F1 is still going and the season is even more exciting than the IRL.


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                        Originally posted by Tony Johns View Post

                        Going into my favorite time of year. Football season is well underway and hockey is about to start. I can't wait. Time to pull out my hockey jerseys again.


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                          Originally posted by Kurt Cobain View Post
                          F1 is still going and the season is even more exciting than the IRL.
                          Yeah, but they don't run wide open on ovals

                          That said, there will also be this

                          and Trackforum's own

                          ... when the seasons are over
                          "Each day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this one day for it, and it alone, is life"
                          ~ Sanskrit poem attributed to Kalidasa, "Salutation to the Dawn"

                          Brian's Wish


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                            Originally posted by numetalbizkit View Post
                            Here's something to do that's racing related:
                            They're done.
                            "It takes a special level of incompetance to make a schedule this terrible. America is possibly the greatest country in the world overall for tracks. To make a bad schedule in America takes effort. A special kind of effort. A kind of effort that only IndyCar could come up with."


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                              -Write and thank all the sponsors like Dad's Root Beer for supporting the drivers, teams, and series. Encourage departing or departed ones to re-think it.

                              -Organize a trip with friends to the IMS Hall of Fame. Because I'll need my fix before spring, and I want more IndyCar fans.

                              -Play Silly Season, and make incredibly incorrect guesses about where everyone will end up (Jacques Lazier to Penske, and Dennis Vitolo running Katherine Legge at Indy. You heard it here first ).

                              -Study up on IndyCar, open-wheel and Indy 500 history. We can't be Donald Davidson, but there's so much out there to enjoy.

                              -Keep up with my IndyCar blog.
                              IndyCar Advocate: A blog about enjoying the best sport in the world! Stop on by!
                              On Twitter as @indycaradvocate


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