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Chicagoland shake up

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  • Chicagoland shake up

    Craig Rust---See ya


    Only there a year after moving over from Watkins Glen.

    In all honesty the place ran exactly the same as before he arrived, they obviously didn't sell as many NASCAR tickets as they would like but very few tracks did, the IICS race was what I expected having ended the ticket package requirement. I could think of a dozen ways to do more with the facility but ISC isn't much for thinking beyond the obvious. So I don't know what more Rust could have done.

    It appears that with the ouster of the COO, firing Rust and Robin Braig at Daytona ISC is in a serious cost cutting mode. Those people weren't reassigned they left the company. Which makes Randy's move to play hardball and raise the sanctioning fee and demand more be spent on promotion of the IICS for the ISC tracks the way to lose those tracks double fast. It also means the talk of possibly returning to any ISC track is just that because that company isn't in the mood to lose money on an IICS race or spend more on promotions gambling that they would do any good.

    Going forward what I would do is give Craig Rust a call and offer him a consulting contract. You would be able to use him for two things; understand what ISC thinks internally about the IICS and the possibility of getting dates at their tracks and probably more importantly, first hand input about what tracks face when attempting to promote an IICS race. And you get information on both of those from someone with not only direct experience but probably some anger directed at ISC and no insider crony of the IICS. His would be a perspective quite valuable as the series goes forward promoting the Milwaukee race.
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