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nice update on Mike Conway recovery- Homestead still up in the air

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  • nice update on Mike Conway recovery- Homestead still up in the air

    the latest on Mike:

    I think he would have put on some pretty good shows for us if he had stayed in his ride for the season- hope he gets it all back together for another shot at Indy Car- certainly deserves it at this point!!

    the article details part of his therapy where he sits in a -130 degree freezer for 5 minutes every day- sounds kinda kooky to me....
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    Mark Webber went through a similar therapy when recovering from his broken leg(s) he sustained in an off-season cycling accident. These guys have access to the very best care. Hopefully, Mike will return good as new.


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      I saw that. That freezing chamber sounds extreme!

      EDIT: And of course, best of luck to Mike!
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        I will think of that soak he has to do next time I have reservations on going swimming in 70 some degree water. Yikes!
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          Say, that is 'kinda chilly! Such intense work to rehabilate is sure to payoff in a faster healing process. Even so it sounds like Mike should take a pass on Homestead and return fully fit for the 2011 opener. Either way, best wishes for him.

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