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Jay Drake... how is he doing?

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  • Jay Drake... how is he doing?

    Seeing Jay Drake's name mentioned in another thread got me wondering: how is his recovery from that crash last year progressing? I remember hearing at the time some rather worrisome talk about head injuries.

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    He was interviewed at the Chili Bowl last month and he says that he expects to be racing by spring.


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      Good to hear it. I hope he can put together some kind of an IRL deal this year. Or at least the IPS series.


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        I thought he was heading to BGN?

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          Jay,s left hand is ever so slowly gaining strengthe (he is left-handed) and is really working with his right to help out. His head is doing great and should be back shortly. He is going to just run sprint and Silver Crown this year for some people from Terre Haute (I'm sorry I forget their names) and is shopping for a Infiniti Pro Series ride.
          Is it May yet?
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            Jay is doing fairly well, he had hoped to be in the Chili Bowl, but the left hand is still a little weak.

            Jay will be running a dirt champ car (Silver Crown for you youngsters) for Bill Biddle and the BWB team out of Terre Haute, as a teammate to Derek Davidson.

            Don't know if Gary Beaver has combined his team with them, or if he will have another driver in the team's Stealth.
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