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  • Question for everyone...

    Where will Little Al land, or will he land at all? (This is not an opportunity to flame)

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    From everything that I have read or heard it sounds like Foyt or Treadway are his two (and maybe only) best bets.

    Would really like to see him around in some competitive equipment this season.
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      My best educated guess is that with where things stand right now, there is a 50/50 chance of a Treadway full-season ride and 99% chance of a one-off at Indy with somebody.

      Other than that, I can't see anything happening unless new developments occur (or maybe they have occurred and nobody knows about them yet.)
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        I heard (barroom rumor) that Al has taken his name out of the Treadway hat in a move that left some decent bucks for Rick Treadway to run the season.

        I've also heard the same Foyt thing everybody else has heard.

        I can't help but think he will be in something potent come May.
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          Originally posted by UnserJrFan:
          <STRONG>Where will Little Al land, or will he land at all? (This is not an opportunity to flame)</STRONG>
          UnserJrFan, you keep asking for it, I hope the same few won't fan the flames. Be patient, things will work out. It has been said that "Sally" won't be in a Foyt car, so besides having a reason to celebrate, there is still hope.


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            My current understanding is that the Treadway opportunity is "off the table" and unavailable to Al.


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              Al must have some plan. He has a quality agent. The total silence coming from his camp is strange. It makes me think they have something worked out. Robin Miller continues to report that TG is obligated to pay Al for 02 and that he will therefore be driving the entire schedule. The only actual facts we have are the quotes from Galles. They sure make it sound like it will be Galles/Unser in 02.


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