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Chili bowl TV sched from ESPN 2

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  • Chili bowl TV sched from ESPN 2

    Tough competition at this time schedule

    SKIING: FIS World Cup Alpine - 2002 Kitzbuhel 7 p.m. ESPN

    RODEO: Professional Bull Riding 7 p.m. TNN

    COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Syracuse at Tennessee 8 p.m. ESPN

    AUTO RACING: 2002 Chili Bowl 8 p.m. ESPN2

    NFL PLAYOFFS: AFC Divisional Playoff - Teams TBD 8 p.m. CBS

    [ January 13, 2002: Message edited by: aXe ]
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    And tonight on Speedvision is the NASCAR modifieds. 9 p.m. Indiana time, I think.


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      I just got a call telling me that this years Chili Bowl was GREAT. One of the best finishes this guy had ever seen, and he's been to a gazilion races. Including the Chili Bowl since '90.

      I guess I'm going next year for sure. I can't wait until next week to see this one on TV.
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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by aXe:
        AUTO RACING: 2002 Chili Bowl 8 p.m. ESPN2

        My menu doesn't show anything about this, just RPM @ 10:00
        "I ain't even gotta garage you can call home and ask my wife"


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          AUTO RACING: 2002 Chili Bowl 8 p.m. ESPN2

          I hope you are right aXe, I checked my DirecTV listing and then went to the ESPN site and it wasn't listed. I will set the VCR anyway.


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            It's scheduled for Saturday, January 19th at 8pm EST, not tonight (the 13th)


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              Hey Grease:

              I guess a Play-Date, would of Ex-Seeded your typing skill's, or Bandwidth Limit's ?

              Haven't been able to call, the Dirty Little Rat's, goobled up all the phone lines, big time.

              Dity Little Rat's, maybe I will trap a few, and send them to ESPN. They seem to like, Dirty Little Rat's. Rat's, are "Cheese Eaters" too, you know, Grease. Just Like the rest of the Troy based Cheese Eaters. Looks like it's going to be, "American Cheese" now. Might be OK, real tasty, with the "Cooked Goose," and "Boiled Crow."

              See ya Latter, Grease.

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              Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

              Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

              Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,


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